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Posted by: Radium Medical Aesthetics on 09/11/2017

Effective Dark Eye Circle Treatments

Effective Dark Eye Circle Treatments

Dark eye circles are dark blemishes that form around the eyes. Some causes include hereditary, allergies, medication and even fatigue. Whether the cause may be, visible dark eye circles and tired-looking eyes can make you look dull and unattractive. When dark eye circles are mild, you can conceal them with some makeup. In some moderate to serious cases, you may not be able to conceal them with foundation - no matter how hard you try.

While it may be true that dark eye circles are caused by severe fatigue or certain medication, the truth is that genetic factors play a more important role than you’d like to admit. Dark eye circles form easily because the skin teow the eyes are extremely thin and the blood vessels under the eyes show up more clearly than anywhere else on the body.

It is also because the skin around the eyes is thin, it loses its elasticity more easily than other parts of the body. The skin around our eyes age first as a result of the lack of collagen and elastin fibers in that area. As a result, your eyes are the first to display signs of aging.

According to a popular aesthetic doctor in Singapore, Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, he said that there are several effective methods to treat dark eye circles and rejuvenate the eyes. Aged 38, the founder and Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics says: "There used to be very few effective treatments for dark eye circles. People relied mostly on creams and makeup to conceal them. Fortunately, there are several non-surgical methods available in the market to rejuvenate your eyes." 

Dr. Siew shares with us some effective, convenient treatments for dark eye circles.

EYE BRIGHTENING LASER If the dark eye circles are caused by hyperpigmentation of the skin, you can lessen the appearance of dark eye circles by opting for laser treatment such as Eye Bright Laser Lift. Using mild laser toning, it helps to reduce puffiness and brighten tired eyes. The treatment uses non-ablative laser to heat up the skin to stimulate collagen production and eliminate pigmentation at the same time.

AGNES EYE BAG REMOVAL TREATMENT Sometimes, having visible eye bags can enhance the appearance of dark eye circles. AGNES uses an advanced Korean technology to administer targeted radiofrequency waves to the under eye area. By administering targeted radiofrequency waves directly into the eye bags, fatty tissue accumulated in the eye bags melt and they will drain out naturally via your circulatory system. At the same time, collagen remodelling will occur to tighten loose skin around the eyes. AGNES Eye Bag Treatment is gaining popularity in Singapore because of its safe and convenient method of removing eye bags.   

AGNES DARK EYE CIRCLE TREATMENT Using the same technology as the eye bag removal treatment, special insulated needles will be inserted into the skin under the eyes. Targeted radiofrequency waves will be delivered to the skin under the eyes while protecting the skin surface. By delivering radiofrequency waves to the under eye area, it effectively tightens the loose skin. AGNES Dark Eye Circle Treatment eliminates wrinkles and reduces appearance of dark eye circle. 

DERMAL FILLER FOR UNDER EYE Using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers, aesthetic doctors are able to treat dark eye circles and eye bags easily by introducing dermal fillers of varying viscosity directly into the problem area to immediately smoothen out the under eye area. By introducing dermal fillers under the eyes, it hydrates the problem area and stretches the skin so that the under eye area does not appear sunken. Introducing small amounts of dermal fillers under the eyes can greatly reduce the dark shadows by plumping up and smoothening out the deficient area around the eyes.

SILHOUETTE SOFT THREAD LIFT Aging can cause eye bags to form because of the sagging of the surrounding skin that weighs down on the face due to gravity. Sagging cheeks that add weight on the face can magnify the sunken areas under the eyes. Your doctor may recommend a thread lift treatment to lift the sagging cheeks so as to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles. Silhouette Soft Thread Lift treatment and PDO Thread Lift are effective non-surgical methods to lift the entire face using resorbable sutures that are bio-compatible with the human body. 

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