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Posted by: Stonestreet Distribution on 09/11/2017

How to Cook in a Temporary Kitchen During Remodeling

How to Cook in a Temporary Kitchen During Remodeling

Cooking in a Temporary Kitchen

Using a temporary kitchen during home renovations might seem to limit meal options. What are the choices, really, other than heat and serve microwave dinners? With careful shopping and a bit of culinary creativity, the answer is plenty. It's still possible to put healthy, homemade food on the table.

Use Disposable Plates and Cutlery

One of the more difficult issues, when your kitchen is being remodeled, is dishes. While it may not be ideal, utilizing disposables is your best option. If you're concerned about the environmental impact, there are many options available that are made from recycled materials, are recyclable and biodegradable. Do some research and comparison shopping to select the best option for your family. 

Shop Carefully

Always look for minimally processed foods. Great choices include fresh produce for salads and fruit for snacking. Be sure to purchase lean meats like chicken. These can be grilled and sliced to turn a salad into a heartier meal.

Think of foods that can be easily prepared in the temporary kitchen. Sandwiches, made with deli meat and cheese on whole grain bread or rolls, are an easy choice. Stock up on easy standbys, like cereal and yogurt. Try to keep as much as possible to a normal diet during the renovations.

Supplement what can't be easily prepared at home with store prepared foods. Deli salads make easy side dishes. Many stores offer a nice selection of meals, from roast chicken to lasagna that can be reheated at home. Check the nutrition labels to choose the healthiest options.

Utilize Small Appliances

Pull out the slow cooker, and prepare dinner in the morning. Soups are easy, healthy and economical. Purchasing pre-cut stew meat makes the job even easier. Simply add some fresh vegetables and broth, and simmer on low for the day. Try simmering frozen meatballs with jarred sauce, and enjoy some hearty meatball subs for dinner. Slow cooker liners are available at most grocery stores and can make cleanup a breeze. 

Toaster ovens can be used to cook a surprising variety of foods. Miniature pizzas on whole-grain flatbread are quick and tasty. Chicken nuggets can be baked in small batches. Even cookies can be made in the toaster oven! Cooking times and temperatures may have to be adjusted, so watch the food carefully.

The microwave can do much more than reheat leftovers. Stores carry an amazing variety of microwaveable potatoes and rice. Add some fresh veggies and meat for a quick microwave casserole. Baked, stuffed potatoes are another meal option in the temporary kitchen.

Specialty appliances like sandwich makers and waffle irons can be used to add some extra variety to meals during the kitchen renovation. Grilled cheese is easy made in a sandwich maker. Make extra, and reheat it in the toaster oven for the next day's lunch. Homemade waffles are delicious for breakfast, or even a light dinner.

Plan Meals Ahead

Try preparing meals before renovations begin. Many meals can be prepared days in advance. Most prepared food will last up to 3 days in the refrigerator and longer in the freezer. 

The key to quick and healthy cooking in a temporary kitchen is to have the ingredients on hand. When grilling, be sure to cook extra meat that can be used in meals during the week. At the store, stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. Also, keep a supply of frozen ingredients and pantry items like low-sodium broth. Try to vary the menu to prevent boredom and fight off the urge to indulge in take-out too often. Living through a kitchen renovation is not easy, but it is much more bearable with decent food to eat.

With these tips, you should be able to survive your kitchen remodel without resorting to a steady diet of microwaved food and takeout.

Information provided by Stonestreet Distribution, master distributor of STEP Warmfloor radiant heat.

Photo credit: Breville USA 2017

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