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Author Opportunity

We love to build contacts with similar minded people and share links and other great advice with the business community.  That's why we would like to invite you to write content for our community.

What Should I Write About?

We are only looking for quality content that matches our criteria.  Try to write about a topic you are interested in, which you can write an in-depth post about something related or of interest for our readers

Why Should You Blog on BizBangBoom.com?

But why would someone want to write on this site? Well you may do this for a number of reasons. 

Guest blogging can be an excellent way to promote yourself/business and get your name heard by other people. Some people use guest blogging as a way in which to improve their writing, perhaps to increase their chances of getting hired as a professional writer.

Primarily, people do this for one reason specifically, and that is to get a link back to their website. It is generally accepted that when you write a guest post for someone, you are not only allowed to link back to your own website either within or at the end of the article as on many site but you can link ANYWHERE within your free profile. That way, when people read the post and like it, they have the option of navigating to your website to read more.

The added benefit of these ‘links’ is that the more external links that you have pointing people towards your website (i.e. links on other websites), the more you improve your SEO enabling you to drive more traffic to your site via search engines.

Submission Guidelines

  • Posts must be “AT LEAST!” 700+ words long, preferably more.  We only want the best for our readers and posts shorter than this tend to be less helpful.
  • We only accept articles that are written in English at this moment.
  • Articles must be written by you and totally original!  We will be checking ALL submissions for breach of copyright.
  • No bad language
  • We reserve the right to format the submitted article to match the rest of the posts.  This tends to be only correcting spelling & grammar and adding any additional images needed to make the article more visually appealing, though it depends on the individual post.

Giving You Full Credit

You will get FULL CREDIT for everything you write  You will be required to create a user profile.  Here you can include a bit of information about you and your website, as well as links to your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ profiles..

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