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About Us

Welcome to BizBangBoom.com.  

Our mission is simple.  We want to provide a valuable business resource site for everyone!

My name is Cameron Brown and I am a IT Manger by day but at night I am a proud father of 3, husband, cub scout den leader and the guy who likes to work with this site when he can spare a few minutes.  :)

I've worked with business of all sizes and I find that my passion is with small business.  I love nothing more than showing a small business owner things and ideas that they have never thought of and watching their facial expression when that "light bulb" turns on.  Often, people will come to me and say they can't do something with their business because they don't have the funds or think they can't justify the costs.  I love proving them otherwise.

As of writing this content I can say that we have over 1 million small businesses just like yours signed up and doing something to actively promote their business.  I want to encourage you to do the same if you have not.

I'm always looking for great ideas regarding this site and the tools that make it up.  I want to encourage you to contact me and together we'll make this a fantastic place to go.

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