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24/7 Power Supply Under TDP In Andhra Pradesh

24/7 Power Supply Under TDP In Andhra Pradesh

Nara Chandrababu Naidu the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh made all efforts to ensure the supply of required power to the industrial sector under the 24 x7 Power For All (PFA) scheme and launched this prestigious project in October 2014.


During interaction with the Energy officials before leaving for Kadapa, Nara Chandrababu Naidu attended official programs and said that “No industry should suffer from the shortage of power in future and 24 x7 supply should be maintained at any cost.” The TDP state government has never tolerated even 24 minutes interruption for any industry, big or small, for the economy of the state in the interest of the public. This is considered one of the Top TDP Achievements.


The main objective of the 24 x7 Power For All (PFA) scheme is to increase the delivery of electricity to customers and to improve the operational efficiency and system reliability in electricity distribution in some of the selected areas in Andhra Pradesh. The project is part of the Government of India’s Power for All (PFA) program launched in 2014 and AP became one of the first states in the rollout for the “Power For All” program in India.

How 24 x7 Power For All (PFA) in AP Helped Farmers in Agricultural Territory:


The 24x7 power force is more salutary in the farming sector conforming to around 15 lakh agricultural pump sets in Andhra Pradesh. As per the directions of the Former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, a special medium has been adopted to see that not indeed a single acre crop (at any cost) languishes due to the shortage of power, and every possible way should be taken to replace the failed Distribution Mills within the quested time of 24 hours in the state of Andhra Pradesh, especially in the rural areas of the state which are more dependent on the Farming sector.


The Indian Government has selected Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, and Rajasthan for the execution of the project for 24x7 power supply to the domestic sector. The Centre has extended financial support, power (electricity), coal and transmission lines, and other technical support to the state of Andhra Pradesh. At that moment, Andhra Pradesh is facing a shortage of 500 MW due to which cities, towns, and villages in the state are reeling under regular power cuts and unimproved maintenance standards which causes the failure in the aging of transformers and displaying signs of electrical or mechanical failure.


The former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandrababu Naidu during interaction with Jyothi Arora and team said that 24x7 power supplies to domestic consumers are his dream project. He directed a Secretary for the coordination of the Central-team weekly for the progress of the proposed 24 x 7 power scheme. According to the AP Power documents the energy demand in the state has grown to 78,900 Gigawatt-hour by 2019 from 56,313 GWH in the Financial year 2015, which indicated an annual energy requirement of more than 8.5%. This is considered one of the most remarkable TDP Contributions.

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