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Posted 11/29/2022 by iDisplay

4 Ways to Use Tablet Wall Mounts for Music

4 Ways to Use Tablet Wall Mounts for Music

You may have heard of tablet wall mounts being used in entertainment sectors like theatres and malls to display visual content. However, you can even use an iPad holder on wall in the music industry–be it a recording studio or a musical institute. One can replace notebooks with iPad held on wall mounts to increase efficiency.

In this article, we will go through four ways you can use tablet wall mounts in the music industry. So let’s get to it without any further ado.

You can View Information (notes) at a Glance

We are moving toward a more digital-savvy world. With constant technological advancements coming up, intelligent homes are using tablet wall mounts in their smart homes. An effective way to use a tablet wall mount in a studio setup or a music institute is to view musical notes or lyrics on them. Students could easily read them out when singing or recording songs.

They will not be required to hold an iPad or a notebook in their hands while recording it. So using a tablet wall mount is an efficient way to record audio or even to teach students.

Easy to Control Audio Sources

Wall-mounted tablets are a great way to control audio sources and output within your space - be it your home or a recording studio. We have many streaming devices available today on Android and iOS devices. You can easily control music playback and choose where to output your music. It is an excellent way for guests to control music selection. Moreover, giving full control to your guests or students will give them a sense of freedom.

You can Add Voice Assistant

You can even add a voice assistant to your space with no footprint. Since your tablet sits on the wall, adding a virtual assistant without taking up space like your conventional smart speaker or screen is an excellent way to add a virtual assistant. Whether you want to find lyrics to a song you like or play karaoke to sing along, all you need to do is walk over to your wall-mounted tablet and ask your voice assistant!


Sometimes you may need an extra screen to view content. Want to play a song on one tablet and view lyrics on the other? No worries. You can cast the video song on one mounted tablet and view the lyrics on the other. This way, you can screencast when you have multiple iPads wall mounted.


The benefits of tablet wall mounts are endless. A tablet wall mounts can make things more efficient, from using them in your smart home to banks to music institutes/classes. If you want to know or purchase wall mounts or desktop stands, feel free to go through iDisplay’s website. They have great such products to make your life easier. Good luck and happy shopping!

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