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Posted 06/30/2023 by Frey Law, P.A.

5 Things You Need to Tell Your Criminal Defense Attorney Tampa


When facing criminal charges, it's essential to have a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. A skilled attorney can guide you through the complex legal process, protect your rights, and strive for the best possible outcome. However, to ensure your attorney can provide effective representation, there are five crucial things you must communicate to them. In this article, we'll delve into these key points and highlight their significance. If you're in Tampa and need a reliable criminal defense attorney, look no further than Frey Law, P.A. Visit Our website at freylawpa.com to learn more about Our services and schedule a consultation.

1. Provide an Honest Account of the Incident

The first and most crucial step in working with a criminal defense attorney is to provide them with an honest and accurate account of the incident that led to your charges. Be open and transparent about the events surrounding the alleged crime, including any mitigating factors or circumstances that may have influenced your actions. Remember, your attorney is there to advocate for you, and the information you provide is crucial for building a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific case.

2. Disclose Any Previous Criminal Record

If you have a prior criminal record, it's imperative to disclose this information to your defense attorney. Previous convictions or pending charges can significantly impact the outcome of your current case. By being transparent about your criminal history, your attorney can anticipate any challenges or complications that may arise and devise an effective defense strategy accordingly.

3. Share All Relevant Documentation and Evidence

To build a solid defense, your attorney will need access to all relevant documentation and evidence related to your case. This includes police reports, witness statements, medical records, photographs, videos, or any other materials that could support your defense or challenge the prosecution's case. By sharing this information with your attorney, you enable them to thoroughly assess the evidence and identify any weaknesses or inconsistencies that can work in your favor.

4. Discuss Your Expectations and Concerns

Open and honest communication with your criminal defense attorney is crucial in establishing realistic expectations and addressing any concerns you may have. Express your desired outcome for the case and discuss any potential challenges or risks involved. Your attorney will provide you with an objective assessment of the situation, explain the potential outcomes, and develop a strategy that aligns with your goals. By maintaining a clear line of communication, you can work together effectively to navigate the legal process.

5. Follow Your Attorney's Advice

When you hire a criminal defense attorney, it's vital to trust their expertise and follow their guidance throughout the legal proceedings. Your attorney has years of experience and knowledge in criminal law and understands the intricacies of the legal system. They will advise you on the best course of action, including whether to accept a plea bargain or proceed to trial. By heeding their advice, you increase your chances of achieving a favorable outcome and protecting your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can a criminal defense attorney help me in Tampa?

A: A criminal defense attorney in Tampa can provide you with expert legal representation, guide you through the criminal justice system, protect your rights, and strive for the best possible outcome in your case.

Q: What types of cases do criminal defense attorneys handle?

A: Criminal defense attorneys handle a wide range of cases, including DUI offenses, drug crimes, theft, assault, domestic violence, white-collar crimes, and more. They defend individuals facing misdemeanor or felony charges.

Q: Can a criminal defense attorney get my charges dropped?

A: While every case is unique, a skilled criminal defense attorney can work diligently to explore all legal options to potentially have the charges against you dropped or reduced. Their goal is to protect your rights and achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Q: How do I choose the right criminal defense attorney in Tampa?

A: When selecting a criminal defense attorney in Tampa, consider their experience, reputation, track record, and client reviews. Schedule consultations to discuss your case and assess how comfortable you feel working with them.

Q: What should I do if I cannot afford an attorney?

A: If you cannot afford an attorney, you may be eligible for a court-appointed attorney. You can consult the court clerk or public defender's office to determine if you meet the criteria for free or reduced-cost legal representation.


When facing criminal charges in Tampa, it's crucial to communicate effectively with your criminal defense attorney to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. By providing an honest account of the incident, disclosing any previous criminal record, sharing relevant documentation and evidence, discussing expectations and concerns, and following your attorney's advice, you increase your chances of protecting your rights and achieving a favorable resolution. If you need a reliable criminal defense attorney in Tampa, contact Frey Law, P.A., today. Visit freylawpa.com to schedule a free consultation and receive expert legal guidance.

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