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Posted 12/13/2022 by Amelia Grant

5 Things Your Gynecologist Is Thinking During Your Checkup

5 Things Your Gynecologist Is Thinking During Your Checkup

You're wearing a paper hospital gown and seated on the cold metal exam table for your annual ob-gyn checkup. When your doctor enters the room, you wonder if they will see your unshaven bikini line as you crouch down and prepare for the speculum. If I tell them I hook up a lot, will they make fun of me?

1. “It Doesn’t Matter to A Doc Whether You’re Waxed or Groomed”

The following is the reality if you've ever been concerned that your gyno is discreetly criticizing your waxing job or all the hair your razor missed below: They see dozens of patients each day, so they really don’t have time to even notice if you wax all of it or leave your bush alone. She also doesn't consider other aspects of grooming, such as how recently you had a pedicure.

2. “Docs Are Not Grossed Out That You Have Your Period—at All”

Don't cancel your gynecologist appointment if it happens to fall at that time of the month. Some female customers consider it disgusting to arrive during their period.

However, Menstrual blood actually acts as a lubricant and can facilitate the exam; otherwise, doctors wouldn't have chosen to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology.

Even more of a reason to maintain your appointment if you don't want to see your doctor since you're bleeding more than normal. They definitely want to see a patient if they are bleeding excessively or is experiencing other unusual symptoms so that they can make sure everything is alright.

3. “Your Sex Life Isn’t a Taboo Topic With a Doctor”

When patients discuss sexual health-related issues they are worried about, doctors are overjoyed. The most frequent problems are painful sex, bleeding after sex, or simply not wanting to engage in sexual activity. In fact, they consider these difficulties to be so crucial that they will bring them up even if patients don't.

To avoid embarrassing the patient by bringing up sexual issues, doctors frequently ask their patients whether they are experiencing any problems. It normalizes it and gives women the impression that they aren't the first to discuss it with a gynecologist.

4. “Yes, You Can Get Pregnant and Contract an STI”

Gynecologists may be shocked by the number of patients engaging in unprotected intercourse who are unaware that they risk getting an STI or conceiving a child, even though they don't become judgmental.

“Oh my God, I can't believe this person thinks they can have unprotected intercourse, menstruate regularly, and not become pregnant.” This may be the largest thought doctors have. They also question how this person can engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners without fear of contracting an STD. How many women simply don't believe it will happen to them will surprise you.

5. “Your Birth Plan May Need a Backup Plan”

It's a good idea to create a birth plan that outlines your preferences and demands for the medical professionals and hospital staff as you enter labor. Mother Nature can throw a curveball, and some new mothers can have a long list of expectations. Moms-to-be must be adaptable in case a situation changes.

Good gynecologists advise patients to consider their personal preferences for labor and delivery, including who they want to present and how they want things to happen. However, they also remind women that at the end of it all, her and the baby's health come first. They advise them to be ready for things to go differently than they had anticipated, whether it be because they decide they don't want the epidural after all or because something happened to their health during delivery that made some of their plans hazardous to implement.

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