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Posted 01/11/2023 by Salon World

5 Tips for Choosing Iconic Barber Chairs In 2023

5 Tips for Choosing Iconic Barber Chairs In 2023

Your client's comfort is the first step to a great barbering experience. When your client is uneasy, it could result in a poor haircut or, even worse, a negative review! Using the proper barber chair is perhaps the simplest way to guarantee that comfort.

What distinguishes a barber chair from a styling chair?

It is crucial to distinguish between a styling and barbering chair before discussing the finest advice for selecting the classic barber chair in 2023. Barber chairs have a recline feature, which is the main distinction between the two. As a result, the chair may recline to a 45-degree angle. Shaving is now made more straightforward in this posture.

While having low backs and easy access for longer hair, styling chairs are designed primarily for women's haircuts and styling.

Recommendations for selecting the best barber chairs for your shop:

There is no such thing as a barber chair that fits everyone. Regarding appeal and aesthetics, what works for one salon might not work for another. Therefore, you must determine the kind of chair you require. Will it be a contemporary chair or an old one?

barber chair

#1. The size should complement your space

You might choose large, expensive seats if your salon is roomy. On the other hand, large chairs may fill up a tiny salon and make it difficult to move around. That is definitely not what you desire.

#2. Never skimp on comfort

Making their customers feel at ease should be every barber's top concern. A barbershop is typically where customers unwind and talk about their troubles. You don't want to make their issues worse. Armrests, footrests, and lumbar support are a few chair characteristics that improve comfort. 

Purchase a chair with sturdy armrests that won't sway when the customer lays their arms on them. You should also be aware of the adjustable footrest and the presence of height adjustment. This is because you will encounter clients of various heights, and you must take care to avoid leaving their legs hanging or positioning them uncomfortably.

#3. Pick seating with memory foam

The quality of the seat matters more than the type of material (wood or metal) utilised to build the chair. Chairs with thick cushions are typically more comfortable. Your clients will probably spend at least 30 minutes sitting in the chair. You don't want them to feel as though a piece of wood or metal is slamming into their butt.

#4. Choose a chair that is cost-effective

Any barber would hate to spend money on a chair to see it disintegrate quickly. The level of stitching detail on a chair can tell a lot about its quality. Barber chairs' longevity will also depend on the kind of leader utilised in their construction.

#5. Pick seats that are easy maintenance

Good barbers understand how crucial it is to maintain their shop tidy. You don't want to do that all day, though. How much work you put into cleaning a chair depends on the material chosen for the upholstery. Vinyl is an excellent option because it is durable and easy to clean. Simply brushing the hair off is all that is necessary.


Finding a barber chair with a good warranty is essential. Manufacturers who are confident in their goods will issue a 2–5 year warranty without hesitation.

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