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Posted 09/21/2023 by Sphinx Solution

5 Ways How Business Mobile Apps will Benefit Construction Industry

5 Ways How Business Mobile Apps will Benefit Construction Industry

Many construction firms have experienced enhanced job site efficiency, quality, and productivity by integrating smart or mobile tools and technologies like the use of smartphones, tablets into construction operation management. According to one of the online studies, about 93% of the construction companies agree that digitization is going to influence every one of their processes in coming years. In fact, digitization in the construction industry is considered to be on par with retail and just behind the manufacturing and service industry. These advancements in construction technologies examples are driving significant changes in the industry.

On a large scale, producers of building materials are looking to digitize their production and distribution process. Conversely, the construction industry is focused to digitize their planning, construction, and logistics. On the contrary, a strong focus to digitize digital sales for logistic considerations is the primary area of interest for building material traders.

Types of Mobile Applications Prevalent in the Construction Industry

 Types of Mobile Apps


                                                         CAD Design & Drawing

Auto CAD

  • Easily access and edit all kind of CAD files
  • Supports all Auto CAD files and its features
  • Handle architectural survey eliminating the need for paper surveys
  • Customized business mobile apps meeting specific requirements of Civil Engineers

                                                        Construction Calculators

Concrete Design Calculator

Mobile apps to calculate the amount of concrete and reinforcement and concrete needed for work. The app also checks compression zone and cracking

Calculator for Carpenters

In order to help carpenters, these apps cover all the basic needs of a construction carpenter offering aid to calculate roof a pitch

Construction Pro Calculator

It helps construction professionals in computing standard construction calculations and standard trigonometric functions. This means construction workers and independent contractors call tally estimate everything from stairs to concrete.


Customized Estimators

Customized estimator apps are present as per requirements. These estimator apps help in handling multiple types of projects including painting, flooring, framing, and roofing right in a single app.

Painting Estimator

These apps are specifically designed for building painters and help them in precisely estimating a paint project right from paint cost, material cost, profit, and overheads.

Material Estimator

Helping contractors and workers to accurately calculate the cost of concrete, fences, decks, bricks, tiles, flooring, gravel, painting, drywall and paneling.

                                                          Construction Site Apps

Construction Management

  • These apps help construction supervisors in checking levels, checking site dairy, request for information, access and track purchase orders and change/vary orders.
  • It also helps in issuing or checking the status of Back Charge Notices, site instructions, Meeting Minutes, Tender requests and Time extensions.

                                                           Project Management

Construction Suit Coordinator

  • The app can manage job site verification forms, change orders and maintain photo documentation. It facilitates document signing directly on your phone ensuring all the documents are legally binding.
  • Some of the construction mobile apps under these categories are also equipped with site dairies, invoicing, quoting, requests for information, purchase and bid requests.
  • Using these apps, construction management teams can track the progress of projects and get feedback from subcontractors and customers.

Construction Architecture

  • The app is specifically designed to help construction consultants and helps them in creating and maintaining Inspection Report, QA/QC report, Design Intent and Clarification, and site instructions.
  • These types of construction mobile apps often support Schedule Update, Accident Report, Violation Report, Productivity Information, Progress Photo, Daily Report, and Delay Recording are data produced by the contractor. The data flow is between contractor and consultant

How Business Mobile Apps for construction will boost productivity

  1. Electronic Tendering is going to be the New Standard:

Evolution in technology will emphasize the electronic circulation of tender calls for about 80 – 90% of public construction projects. In UK and Italy, a figure of 100% for contracts with volumes in excess of EUR 90,000 are circulated online. Already the required standards in many countries to ensure tenders submission securely and in compliance with formal requirements are already in place. Digital calls for tenders makes the process more transparent and efficient.

Construction companies not evolving with time and technology are feared to be left behind. When product specification has gone digital, when construction suppliers contribute all products to planning process via a digital channel (For example; CAD library), when building material traders understand the significance for building material traders, why can’t you go digital? Get Customized Business Mobile Apps for the construction industry to participate in a transparent and efficient e-tendering process.

  1. Enhance Potential for Optimization with Smart Building Site Logistics:

An average construction worker devotes only 30% of their working time for the principal activity; remaining 70% time is wasted in running errands like transporting materials, cleaning up, rearranging the building site and looking for materials and equipment. It is therefore understandable to see why many construction companies are looking for optimized digital solutions.

This is where business mobile apps come handy. Although, few construction companies are already using some digital solutions like supply software used for optimizing capacity utilization for workers and construction vehicles alike, IoT (Internet of Things), for establishing coordination between construction machinery and vehicles and RFID² (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to identify products within the construction site. More awesome is a mobile app integrated with RFID technology to analyze the fitting of freshly laid concrete surfaces. Do not forget the business mobile apps helping construction firms in easily managing every aspect of the logistical chain.

  1. The Future of the Construction Industry is Largely Dependent on Robots and Drones:

Rising time and cost pressures, increasing expectations from clients and the augmented complexity of construction projects have become major pain points for the construction companies. For sure, the majority of construction firms are finding guaranteed digital

Solutions to evade these issues and raise productivity are being used by some of the leading construction companies. 3D Laser Technology is widely utilized to survey the land and building, which also identifies water pipes, sewers, phone lines, power lines, and fiber optic cables. Drones likewise are being widely used in the construction industry, especially for surveying land, monitoring large construction sites, and tracking the progress of the project.

Mobile cloud solutions have their own place in the construction industry. According to studies, communication is a major and time-consuming task for project managers. On a typical construction project, if a problem arises and workers in different segment failed to get the same information, then the possibility of the entire project quickly grinding to halt is more.

  1. Digital Sales is Facilitating Direct & Better Service:

Construction industry does have stiff competition and to win the race you have to think ahead of your competition. If you know in advance about what projects potential customers have in the pipeline and what the requirements will be prior to your competition, you will be definitely at the befitting end. For sure, digital solutions have helped businesses in enhancing their customer relationship management programs allowing them to analyze customer data.

Business Mobile Apps for the construction industry with their communicative platform will make it possible to generate a lot of information for daily updating for adding value and cementing cement customer loyalty. Imagine a mobile app highlighting possibilities of savings immediately after entering building data and current energy prices. Well, it is not unusual for this kind of service to convince customers immediately – and trigger spontaneous purchase decisions.

  1. You Do Not Stop After One Project; You Have a Legacy to Continue:

No construction company wants to stop after completion of one project. In fact, the companies are interested to build a healthy relationship with their customers that is often dependent on certain factors. Likewise, during projects, there is intensified cooperation but at times there are often lengthy gaps between projects. This we technically call as ‘Down Time’, which we need you to invest wisely in building strong and long-term relationships with your customers.

After sales mobile apps play an important part in this matter and give construction firms an important opportunity to invest in strong and long-term relationships with the customers. For example, Building material provider CEMEX came up with an amazing mobile app measuring and communicating how much cement is left in the containers. The app is playing a major role in streamlining the supply line – ensuring deliveries arrive just when they are needed the most without letting you raise a finger.

Bottom line:

It Is Hard To Ignore the Contribution of Business Mobile Apps in the Construction Industry

The profound impact of mobile technology can be seen in the entire construction industry. Irrelevant of what you think – the escalated competition in the construction industry related to productivity and efficiency – companies are left with no choice but to consider mobile app development strategically.

Construction companies ignoring the importance of business mobile apps in boosting the efficiency of their process run the risk of falling behind their rivals. In addition to that, such firms will fail to increase their productivity as they intend to.

At Sphinx, we have unleashed the four main aspects of mobile app development, specifically for the construction industry; digital data, digital access, automation, and connectivity. Each of these aspects refers to a certain key element in the construction value chain.

Want to know how we can help you in building a productive business mobile app for your construction business? Just give us a buzz.

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