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Posted 07/20/2022 by Sparkling Chess Academy

5 Ways to Master Chess

5 Ways to Master Chess

The Sparkling Chess Academy is one of the well-reputed and recognised academy in Noida, Faridabad and Delhi. We have students coming from various locations with a great dream in their eyes and their strong willingness motivates us to coach them with even better strategies.

As we all know that chess is the game of mind and strategy the more you practice and dedicate a certain amount of time during your practice session the better player you turn out to be! Well, it all needs a right start & approach and if planned accordingly then definitely the result turns out to be in your favour. Today in this blog we will be discussing 5 different ways to master chess so that next time in your game it comes out naturally & strategically.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear chess is normally the game of queen and horses, but did you know the chess game can last right from a 5 minutes game to an hour-long period. It is always advice-able to start with the right niche and after all your strategies determine what exactly you are up to and can speed up your game! 

1. Play lots & lots of Chess Game

The secret mantra to do well in your game is all about constant practice and eventually, this is surely going to build up your confidence and decision-making skills.

2. Learn from your Own Game

If you frequently keep practising then for sure you are going to start joining the missing dots and will come to a conclusion where the picture is clearer and you exactly know where you need to improve.

3. Go through basic end games

It’s always good to go through some basic end game videos as it will help you to bring your best game moves. You can also note down certain steps and try implementing them and you will surely come to know which tactics work for you!

4. Double-Check your moves

Before every move just make sure the circumstances are in your favour or not and at the same time try thinking from the opponent’s point of view.

5. Make sure that you know the Rules

To slay any game you need to know the rules! Make sure that you are well-versed with all the rules and confident enough then it will surely boost up your game.

So these were a few points which you can surely consider and keep your best performance ahead! Wishing you all the best for your next match and if you wish to learn the right tactics and groom your skills a little more than you can surely get in touch with us!


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