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Posted 11/22/2022 by Amelia Grant

6 Things That Are Bad for Your Oral Health

6 Things That Are Bad for Your Oral Health

You may not realize how crucial oral health is. Think about everything you anticipate your mouth doing every day. Your mouth is used for eating, smiling, speaking, and other things. All of these factors can be impacted by poor oral health. A healthy mouth, teeth, and gums can also be advantageous for general health. Better dental health is beneficial for systemic disorders like diabetes and heart disease. It is not difficult to maintain good dental health, but it does require dedication. Use this list of things to avoid to take good care of your mouth and teeth for the rest of your life.

1. Salmon and tuna in cans

When storing up on long-lasting foods, tinned salmon and tuna are great choices because they are both high in protein. Salmon and tuna should be on your grocery list because they are high in protein and keep well in the cupboard. In order to increase the shelf life of lean meats, poultry, and seafood, it is also advised to purchase and freeze them.

2. Sports drinks 

Due to their high sugar and salt content, sports drinks are detrimental to your mouth health.

People think that sports drinks are completely healthy because they promote performance in athletes. Sports drinks help restore electrolytes and prevent dehydration, but they can also harm dental health in general. Sports drinks, like sodas, are loaded with sugar and acidic chemicals that erode dental enamel.

3. Acid fruit

Citrus fruits and juices are healthy for you in many ways since they are a great source of vitamin C and other nutrients. nonetheless, not in terms of your teeth. Your teeth's hard, outer enamel layer is subject to erosion and decay. Because they contain significant levels of acid, grapefruit and lemon juice in particular can gradually destroy dental enamel. Orange juice has a lower acidity, and many commercial brands have calcium and vitamin D added for healthy teeth. You can thus drink it, but be sure to brush and floss as top dentists recommend.

4. Things that dry out your mouth

 There are numerous things that might cause dry mouth, whether you drink a cup of coffee in the morning or indulge in a sugary treat later in the day. Antipsychotics and antihistamines are two examples of drugs that interfere with the body's normal production of saliva and can result in dry mouth. Dry mouth may also be influenced by certain environmental and lifestyle variables. For instance, consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes can cause dehydration and mouth dryness. Additionally, contact with air conditioning or extended periods without drinking can dehydrate the mouth and cause sticky and itchy teeth.

5. Crackers and popcorn

Crackers are made mainly of refined carbs, and as you chew them, your saliva makes them sticky, causing them to stick to your teeth and any fissures. Refined carbs are converted to sugar and then to acid, which erodes the enamel of your teeth. It's completely obvious that popcorn can become stuck in your teeth. Getting your teeth stuck in an unpopped kernel can also be problematic.

6. Do not open items with your mouth or chew ice

This one doesn't require much explanation. Your teeth are not tools, whether it be a bottle, a packet, or a challenging nut. The same is true for biting into pencils, pens, or even nails. Your teeth could become brittle, chipped, or even cracked as a result of all these factors. You'll regret not using the bottle opener for its intended usage when you're about to pay hundreds of dollars for treatment while seated in the dental chair. Although teeth may appear strong and durable, they are not intended to crush extremely hard materials like ice. Chewing ice might require immediate dental attention to be fixed.

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