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Posted 02/13/2023 by DentalSave

6 Ways to Cut Your Food Bills

6 Ways to Cut Your Food Bills

One of the best ways to economize on household bills is to take a long hard look at what your food expenditure actually is. Putting the spotlight on the food you buy and throw in the trash, unused will help you focus on being more economical. By saving money on food, you’ll have more to spend on other items such as vacations and dental plans. Read on for six ways you can cut the food bill.

Make a List and Stick to It

Planning your meals for the week is a great way to spread the budget and avoid any waste. Take a list of what you need to the grocery store and stick to the list. This avoids impulse buying and stops you buying what you already have at home. Supermarkets attract customers to their offers with specials. Unless you need it and it is on your list, don’t buy it.

Avoid Snacks and Sugar

One of the best ways to save is by avoiding snacks and sugary food. When you buy these items they are usually more expensive, and they also get you into bad habits of eating unnecessarily. Add up your weekly snacking bill, and you’ll get a shock. Spread your money further by eating fruit as a snack or buying a large bag of nuts or dried fruit and decanting snack-size portions into a small container. By avoiding sugary snacks, you’ll improve your dental health too.

Batch Cook

Once a month, plan a batch cook of casseroles, one-pots and more. You can eat some and freeze the rest so you have a quick meal all prepared when you don’t feel like cooking. This saves you money on processed foods and energy bills, as you’ll be preparing things together.

Pack Your Own Lunch

Instead of buying lunch out every day, take a packed lunch to work. These are easy to prepare with healthy foods and take moments to do. Easy hacks include making sandwiches in advance and freezing them. Ham, cooked chicken and cheese are ideal, and your lunch will have thawed by the time you eat it. Making extra portions of pasta and eating it cold the next day is another cheap lunch.

Have a Meat-Free Monday

Meat can be expensive, so plan a day during the week when your meals will be vegetable-based. Meals that are meat free tend to be healthy, and you’ll find you can create some great curries, stir fries and more using vegetables. Don’t forget to bulk out stews with beans or lentils, as these add fiber to your diet and are cheap.

Stop the Weekly Shop

Once a month, stop doing your routine weekly shop in the grocery store. You’ll need a few fresh items such as milk, but spend that week eating the meals in your freezer and using up items in the store cupboard. You’ll be amazed at the amount you save just by not shopping and your freezer will also get a clear out, making room for your next batch cook.

There are lots of ways of cutting the food bill by changing your habits and using what you already have. By making a few changes, you’ll find you have spare cash to use on dental treatments and other items you dream of affording.

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