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Posted 12/26/2022 by Amelia Grant

7 Facts About Sex You Should Know About

7 Facts About Sex You Should Know About

The world's most natural phenomenon, sex, is also the least discussed. Moreover, most people are unaware of many sex-related aspects. Therefore we are unaware of the majority of sex facts. As a result, the world views sex as a taboo and goes about its business without even realizing it.

Aside from the obvious, sexual activity provides numerous health benefits. It can make you happier and healthier and help you live a longer life. It can also help prevent diseases and possibly cancer. Here are seven facts about sex you should know about.

1. Sex improves your pain tolerance

In addition to the apparent physical satisfaction, sex can directly help with pain management. This is because the hypothalamus located in the brain produces the feel-good hormone oxytocin during stages of arousal and orgasm. 

This spike of oxytocin, according to researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey, can help alleviate discomfort in women, particularly during periods. Another research published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine discovered that oxytocin could reduce pain perception in males by half.

2. The pull-out method isn't always effective

The majority of people who engage in safe sex undoubtedly use the withdrawal (pull-out) method. But have you ever considered that even lubrication mucus might contain sperm? This can result in an unexpected pregnancy, and if your partner has an infection, it can be passed on to you. So don't expect it to be perfect.

3. Sex reduces stress

Sex may reduce your stress levels. Participants in a research published in the journal Biological Perspective were asked to do a stressful task, such as making a speech or completing a difficult arithmetic quiz. 

Participants who had penetrative sex before a demanding assignment had lower stress levels and blood pressures than those who had no sex masturbated or had sexual contact without intercourse.

4. You might not be aware of having an STD

Sexually transmitted diseases are tricky, so even if you believe you know your body well and are picky about who you sleep with, you might be infected with one of these serious diseases. Many people overlook the reality that STDs may not usually show visible symptoms. This is why it is critical that all sexually active people undergo regular STD tests. This is only one of the many things you should know about having sex.

5. Sex can help fight insomnia

Anxiety and stress are inevitable byproducts of living through unexpected circumstances. On the other hand, these feelings might have us tossing and turning in our beds all night. By stimulating our body to release endorphins, sex has the added benefit of decreasing anxiety, which may keep your thoughts racing all night. 

By calming your body and creating an overall sense of well-being, oxytocin can also help you get a good night's sleep. It may even work like a sedative, encouraging you to fall asleep. According to studies, having sex before bed leads to a more satisfying sleep at night.

6. Sexual activity improves the immune system

According to one research, sex can boost your immune. Antibodies are our bodies' way of recognizing foreign agents such as bacteria and viruses. Immunoglobulin A, which is present in our saliva and mucous membranes, is an important line of defense against viruses and infections. It may also help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

7. Sex helps prevent cancer

According to several studies, men over the age of 50 who have regular intercourse are less likely to develop prostate cancer than men of the same age who do not have sex on a regular basis. 

Sexual activity and masturbation, according to one research, may lower the incidence of prostate cancer in elderly men. Another study discovered that frequent ejaculations in a man's twenties may help reduce his risk of prostate cancer.

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