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Posted 06/04/2023 by Stone Depot

7 Tips for Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer

7 Tips for Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer

It's time to start prepping your pool for the upcoming season, with summer just around the corner. In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of your outside area, a well-maintained pool offers a cool retreat from the sweltering summer heat. However, you might find a lot of changes to be done before you start splashing all that water, like fixing the pool tiles or pavers. Check if the pool tiles and coping area need to be resealed or completely renovated.

We'll give you a thorough walk through of how to get your pool ready for summer in this blog. We will also discuss the advantages of using natural stone pool tiles and pavers around your pool area to enhance its appearance and foster a tranquil atmosphere.

Clean and Inspect the Pool

The first step to preparing your pool for the summer season is inspecting the condition you left it in last year. You need to check the state of the pool tile and wall and skim the surface to clean it. Eliminate any dirt, leaves or debris that may have gathered over the off-season. Here are some ways you can clean the pool water and the pool tiles.

  • Skim the Surface: Clear the water's surface of floating trash, leaves and other items using a pool skimmer net. By doing this, they will avoid sinking to the bottom and making cleaning more difficult.
  • Vacuum the Pool: To clean the pool's bottom and the pool tiles at the side, use a pool vacuum. Several different kinds of pool vacuums are available, including robotic, automated and manual. Choose the one that best meets your requirements and use it according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Brush the Walls and Pool Tiles: Scrub the pool tiles and walls with a brush with strong bristles. This aids in clearing away any dirt or algae accumulation. Work your way down to the bottom of the walls starting at the top. Pay close attention to places prone to algae formation, such as corners or shaded regions.
  • Empty the Skimmer and Pump Baskets: Debris and leaves are gathered in the skimmer and pump baskets to keep the filtration system from clogging. Maintaining optimum water flow and filtration effectiveness requires routine emptying and cleaning of these baskets.
  • Clean or Replace the Filter: The pool filter is essential to maintaining clean water. Depending on the kind of filter you have—sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth—follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning or replacing it. The best filtration is ensured by a clean filter, which also contributes to keeping the water clear.
  • Inspect for Leaks and Damages: Check the pool thoroughly for any cracks, leaks or damage to the pool tiles that might have happened during the off-season. It's important to call a qualified pool technician for repairs or maintenance if you notice any problems.

Enhance Pool Safety

Safety around the pool is crucial, especially if you have kids or pets. Install a security pool fence with a self-latching gate to prevent unauthorised access. Here are a few things you can do more to enhance the pool safety:

  • Use Pool Alarms: You can invest in some good pool alarms. There are several kinds of pool alarms, including infrared, submerged and surface wave sensors. These alarms will let you know if someone or something enters the pool unattended. It is especially helpful when you have small kids running around the house.
  • Teach Swimming and Water Safety: Children should be taught to swim at a young age. Enrolling children in swimming classes offered by qualified instructors is a good idea. Teach everyone about following water safety regulations, such as never swimming alone, jogging close to the pool and refraining from diving into shallow water.
  • Always supervise: Never, not even briefly, leave kids alone around or in the pool. When the pool is in use, a responsible adult should be designated as the "water watcher". This person's sole duty is to watch over the pool area and closely monitor swimmers.

Create a Stunning Poolside Oasis with Natural Stones Pool Tiles

Natural stones are a great option for pool areas since they add a sense of sophistication and beauty. Here are some pointers for using natural stones for pool tiles:

  • Choose the Right Stone for Your Pool Tiles: Choose durable, slip-resistant natural stones that can endure contact with water and pool chemicals. Travertine, Limestone, Slate and Granite are common options for pool tiles. When choosing pool pavers or tiles, consider the aesthetic and functional factors, as each stone has its texture, colour variations and properties.
  • Decking and Coping: Using natural stones for the pool deck and coping (the edge surrounding the pool). They offer a smooth transition from the pool to the surroundings. Natural stones with a non-slip surface, like Travertine, are the perfect choice for poolside areas. Their diverse colour variations and inherent attractiveness fit well with any design aesthetic.
  • Pool Waterline: Use natural stones to make a spectacular visual impression of your pool's waterline. Using stone pool pavers or tiles will lend a sense of elegance to the area.
  • Pathways and Walkways: By adding natural stones into walkways and paths, you may extend the appeal of the pool area. You can select the same stones that you choose as your pool tiles to give your outdoor space a unified aesthetic and work well with the surrounding landscape.
  • Pool Accessories: Consider incorporating natural stone accents into pool furniture, fire pits and water features. This will improve the atmosphere overall and produce an abundant refuge by the pool.

Regular Maintenance is Necessary

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your pool in excellent shape throughout the season. Regularly hoover the pool, skim the surface for particles and clean the pool filters. Monitor the water's chemistry and make the necessary chemical adjustments. Give the pool's walls and tiles a regular brushing to stop algae growth. Lastly, monitor the pool's water level and keep it within the ideal range.

Test and Balance Water Chemistry

Proper water chemistry is essential for keeping a swimming area safe and comfortable. Utilise a dependable pool water testing kit to inspect the water. Adjust the pH, alkalinity and sanitiser levels to attain the ideal balance. For product suggestions and dosages, consult a pool specialist or adhere to manufacturer instructions.

Shock the Pool

You should shock your pool before the swimming season starts. Shock the pool by adding more chlorine or other oxidising chemicals to eliminate germs, algae and other impurities. For the right dosage and application, according to the pool shock product's instructions.

Consider Professional Pool Service

Consider using a professional pool service if you're unsure about any part of pool upkeep or would rather leave it to the professionals. A professional can handle regular maintenance, water testing and equipment servicing, allowing you to enjoy your pool without worrying.

Conclusion: It's important to properly prepare and maintain your pool to get it ready for the summer. Following these recommendations, you can ensure your pool is spotless, secure and welcoming for the summer. Regular cleaning, water chemistry testing, equipment upkeep and appropriate circulation are necessary to create a beautiful space. You can also check out our wide range of pool tiles and pavers to give your space both aesthetical and functional advantages. Contact us for free samples to know more about the same

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