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7 Tips For Submitting Music To A Record Label Or Company

7 Tips For Submitting Music To A Record Label Or Company

Are you one with your music? Going to submit your song to a record label or a company? This article is the best piece guiding you on the most needed 7 tips for submitting music to a record label or company. Unless you are careful, submitting your works to a label can be tricky though and can even result in rejection before you even get started. Here is the list of useful tips for you to help you with your music submission. 

Top 7 Tips For Submitting Music To A Record Label Company

Here are the top seven tips that can help you to get your song rated and guide you well in how to submit a song. 

  1. Drop the word ‘DEMO’ 

As label people are used to consistently hearing great material hence label people have extremely high standards. Hence make your music as good as possible to get your song rated  well. 

  1. Each Submission should be label specific 

Don’t send a generic submission note to multiple labels at the same time if said in short. As before anyone even listens to what you have to offer, this will probably result in a pass. 

  1. Say no to Blind Submit

The label must have the name of someone to whom you are intending to send your music. Do not copy to other people at the label unless you have friends there and send it to only that person. As no one will pay attention to your submission if you are sending it to a general label email. 

  1. Don't attach an MP3 file

 This is not only hated by the label execs but everyone also. Your submission won’t even get to the person, to begin with as many email accounts and ISPs are now configured to reject an email with a large attached file. You can send a link if your song is on some music app like Spotify or it is best to get a Soundcloud. 

  1. Attach a link to a specific song

 You must attach at most two links while you submit your song. Label person will ask for more if he/she finds it interesting. As there are good chances that if you send someone to a page with your entire music catalog they will choose a song that might not represent you best. Hence they will give up and move on - the worst part!

  1. Keep it short 

Only necessary information must be provided in the notes. Include the name of the song and genre, and a sentence or two about you or your band, your name, and contact info. Also, mention the person's name and label in our note. 

  1. Don’t pester the label person on social media, no direct messages

 It's okay to engage with their post and follow the person but unless invited don’t expect any personal interaction to be greeted with open arms. He or she will reach out, just stay cool, don’t act desperate. 

Final Words 

Delivering the last words, these were the top 7 tips for submitting music to a music record or a company. Also, you can approach Radio Play Today to get your song rated through global promotions and to submit your song. And lastly, Success and Failures are part of life, Donot take rejection personally! Go on!

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