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9 days Route of the northern circuit Kilimanjaro

9 days Route of the northern circuit Kilimanjaro

The Northern Circuit Route is the newest and arguably best route to climb Kilimanjaro. Because he combines the best aspects of other routes into a single fantastic hike. This is the route to take if you want beautiful scenery, lots of solitude, a healthy challenge, and the chance to see wildlife. For the first few days, the Northern Circuit route follows the same path as the Lemosho route, but instead of staying on the south side of Kibo, it takes a less traveled northern trail

This trail has few other hikers, so the camping is calm, serene, and essentially empty.

Since the Northern Circuit walk is longer than the others, hikers may take in more of the mountain. Along with the opportunity to trek the stunning Shira Plateau, this excursion will provide you a chance to see Kibo Peak and Uhuru Summit.

As you ascend Kilimanjaro, you may also enjoy breathtaking vistas of the lowlands to the north of the mountain.

Which path up Mount Kilimanjaro has the best success rate? The Northern Circuit path is closest to the south of Kilimanjaro and has the highest success rate (98%). With the most breathtaking 360-degree views of Mount Kilimanjaro's scenery, this is the newest and longest path

The Northern Circuit path on Kilimanjaro has the highest success percentage of any route due to its lengthy distance and tendency to stay at about the same altitude for acclimatization.

What is the difficulty level of the Northern Circuit route? The Northern Circuit is the easiest of the Kilimanjaro routes. Despite being the longest route, the long itinerary means the acclimatization profile is optimal, making the trek less difficult. The 9-day physical trek is ideal for acclimatization and generally easy walking. A healthy level of fitness is strongly advised. How long does the Northern Circuit Route take and how many days does it take? The Northern Circuit Route is 88 kilometers long (53 miles) The Northern Circuit route requires a minimum of 8 days. Short climbs are possible, but require several days of strenuous trekking. 10 or 12 days if you add the dates of arrival and departure. However, because it is one of the longest routes on the mountain, it is recommended that you do a 9-day trek or longer to maximize your profit.

What is the success rate for climbing on the Northern Circuit route?

The Northern Circuit is the longest route up Kilimanjaro and provides the best acclimatization opportunity. There are no official statistics, but the average success rate for all operators is 90%. The Northern Circuit route, on the other hand, has a success rate of more than 98%!

What is the scenery like on the northern route?

The main route takes you through the lush Lemosho forest and across the Shira Plateau. As climbers traverse Kilimanjaro's remote and rarely visited north face, the landscape becomes drier and more desolate. It's so remote that you'll only 

The Trek Northern Circuit route should be traveled at what time of year?

The Northern Circuit path is best hiked between July and September when the weather is most stable and there is little possibility of rain. Although you can climb the peak year-round due to its proximity to the equator, you should avoid the wet months of April and May.

How long is the Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route?

It is a 96km circuit that takes 9 days to complete starting from the west side of the mountain, going around the north slope, around the northeast slope, and then down the southeast side.t on rare occasions.

Is the Northern Circuit overcrowded?

No, this is the most direct route. Longer travel distances and higher fees are the primary reasons. But nothing beats it for an uncrowded mountain experience. the .

Because this is a 9-day trip, bring more underwear and underwear than is listed on your Kilimanjaro packing list. Make sure you can handle the cold, rain and sun. Because it is a high altitude mountain right on the equator, the weather can be unpredictable.

northern circuit route is all about.

The Northern Circuit route is longer than all other Kilimanjaro routes combined.

It is near the top of Moshi and the Londorossi gate. From here, the northern loop follows the Lemosho route through the Kilimanjaro rainforest for the first few days. Then gradually ascend the Shira ridge and traverse the Shira high plateau region. You will leave the Lemosho road once you reach the lava tower and continue to the right along the northern circuit. The advantage of having fewer vehicles is that it allows you to spend more time with your friends and family. It takes at least eight days to complete the Kilimanjaro trek. However, it is preferable to give it one more day, and the likelihood of success will increase. The success rate for the Northern Tour is 90%. Nevertheless, an addition Allow it one more day to increase the success rate. The Northern Tour is 90% successful. However, an extra day

on the mountain adds to the relatively high success rate of Northern Circuit hikers. In short, the longer the journey, the better the acclimatization. You can naturally "go high and sleep low," which assists your body in adjusting to the weather. It also has beautiful scenery for beginners, such as the quieter and less crowded northern slope. During the Kilimanjaro trek, only the North Circular Route offers this tranquil setting. With this slightly longer route, you can also explore more of Kilimanjaro, taking full advantage of the various scenarios.

The Northern Loop Route requires a minimum of eight days to complete your Kilimanjaro trip. However, we recommend a 9-day schedule as this extra day will give you more time to acclimate. The main criterion, especially on this route, is to 

take your time and absorb all of the climates brought by the mountain!

Your Kilimanjaro trip must be completed on the Northern Loop Route in at least eight days. But because the extra day will give you more time to adjust, we advise a 9-day regimen. The most important rule, especially on this path, is to take your time and take in all the many climates the mountain has to offer!

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