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A Record of Seeking Qin

As soon as Xiang Shaolong thought it was a problem, he said, "Then ask the Second Master to try to get people to watch the palace. If there are any suspects, he will follow them to see where they can stay.". Mmm! It's better to use only our own people, and pay more attention to such exits as tunnels. Maybe Lord Xinling has a way to get information about the secret passage of the palace, or it's hard to say if there is an insider. Wu Guo took the order to go. Xiang Shaolong breathed a sigh of relief and returned to the banquet hall. While the mansion was in sight, a sweet female voice suddenly came from the right side and called out, "Mr. Tung!"! Please wait a moment. Xiang Shaolong's voice sounded familiar and he looked at it in surprise. Among the eight maidservants, Miss Guo Xiuer, dressed in a luxurious red robe, arrived from the right side of the flagstone road, apparently to participate in the engagement feast in the banquet hall. Xiang Shaolong stopped and congratulated her a little unnaturally. After returning the courtesy lightly, Guo Xiuer said to the maidservants, "I want to say a few words to Mr. Dong. You step aside." The eight maidservants were stunned and retreated into the distance. Guo Xiuer looked at Xiang Shaolong. Her expression suddenly darkened. She sighed softly, "Father's order is hard to disobey. Xiuer has no choice. Sir, do you understand Xiuer's mind?" Xiang Shaolong did not expect her to come back and confess, so he stayed for a while and did not know how to answer her. Even if there is no obstacle between them, it is impossible for him to marry Guo Xiuer because of the hatred between Wu and Guo. Guo Xiuer smiled sadly and turned around. When she turned around, Guo Xiuer had a jade pendant in her hand. She stepped forward and put it into his hand. She said affectionately, "Xiuer can't give her body to you, so this jade pendant will replace it. If you still have some affection for Xiuer, please hang it on your body!"! Xiuer died without regret. Then turned away, bowed his head and hurried to the main house,Narrow aisle rack, the maidservants hurriedly followed. Xiang Shaolong clasped the jade pendant, which was still warm, with the taste of ecstasy and bone erosion. Raise your hand and spread it out. It turned out to be a phoenix-shaped jade pendant with an ancient shape. If you get it from an antique auction house in the 21st century, you can guarantee that the money you get from the sale will make anyone have no worries for a lifetime. Think of here, can not help but secretly scold oneself. He has this absurd idea that other people have deep love for beautiful girls. Shaking his head with a wry smile, he hung the jade pendant around his neck and rushed to attend the grand dinner. The atmosphere in the lobby was warm, with hundreds of maids and servants shuttling back and forth between the banquets, holding dishes and adding wine for the guests. There are only four seats at the end of the lobby facing the door. One is Guo Zong and his wife and Li yuan Guo Xiuer,radio shuttle racking, and the other three are Queen Jing, Tian Dan, Long Yangjun, Han Chuang and Ji Chong. Other seats are displayed on both sides, with a total of three seats, each with four people, and a large open space in the middle for singing and dancing performances. A group of musicians were playing vigorously on both sides of the gate. The drums were loud, the voices were loud, and the atmosphere was lively. While everyone's attention was focused on Guo Xiuer, who had just entered, Xiang Shaolong flashed to the back of the table and walked forward, secretly complaining in his heart, which seat should he sit in? In this era, we pay attention to fame and status, and we must not squeeze in when there is a vacancy. Fortunately, Gao Bo, Steel racking system ,heavy duty warehouse rack, the housekeeper of the Guo Mansion, saw him in the distance. He caught up with him and said, "Lady Ya told the little man to sit with General Dong. General, please come with the little man." Xiang Shaolong had a headache. If he sat with Zhao Mu, Ji Yan ran and Zhao Zhi naturally had nothing to say. But if he sat with Zhao Ya, the two women would blame him for being partial. It was enough for him to act like a spoiled child, so the blessing of Qi people was not easy to enjoy. Steeling himself, he followed Gao Bo to the seat ahead. Many of the guests present were the first to see the legendary figure who had ascended the position of the city guard, and they all paid attention to him. Those ladies and ladies, but also mercilessly staring at the appearance of the rough and majestic, the fierce man. But Xiang Shaolong felt the internal and external problems, and those who did not distinguish between things only knew how to follow the high silk and walk against the wall in this vast space like a palace. Gao Bo stopped, bowed and said, "General, please take your seat." Xiang Shaolong looked calmly and saw three pairs of beautiful eyes staring at him with different expressions. It turned out that Zhao Ya, Ji Yan ran and Zhao Zhi were sitting in the second seat in the front row, while Zhao Mu, Guo Kai, Cheng Xu and Zou Yan were sitting in the first seat. Xiang Shaolong was in high spirits. He praised Zhao Yasi for his thoughtfulness and sat beside Zhao Zhi at the end of the banquet. This was also his cleverness. If he sat in the middle of any two women, one of them would be left out in the cold, but would he accompany him at the end of the banquet? It only shows his respect for the three women. At that time, the man was envious that he could sit with the three women, but the woman hoped to replace the three women to be close to the famous figure. The drum music suddenly stopped, and when it started again, a group of beautiful singing and dancing girls with more than a hundred people arrived at the center of the hall to entertain the guests. Zhao Zhi leaned over and said, "Sister Yan Ran asked me to ask you where you had slipped away." Xiang Shaolong said with a wry smile, "Is it not convenient?" Zhao Zhi leaned over to Ji Yan Ran again and said, "Why did it take so long?" Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Xiang Shaolong almost spurted out the delicacies that had just been stuffed into his mouth. Holding back a smile, he said, "When did you change the mouthpiece? Tell her that everything can be big or small, and God can't control it." Zhao Zhi burst out laughing and went to pass the word again. Zhao Ya and Ji Yan ran laughed together immediately after hearing this. After a while, Zhao Zhi turned around again and said, "Madam asked me this time. She said that Guo Xiuer and you came in one after another and looked different. Did you just steal jade and incense for you and pull out the first prize of Li yuan?" Xiang Shaolong secretly called out that he was fierce, but of course he denied it. Fortunately, the elder brother stopped dancing at this time, and the communication style of flirting came to an end. Guo Zong stood up to speak and announced that Guo Xiuer would be betrothed to Li yuan, but the formal wedding ceremony would be held in Chujing, and then the guests of honor would toast each other, and the house was full of joy. Xiang Shaolong looked at Guo Xiuer's expression, only to see that she looked as if she had accepted her fate as usual, and could not help feeling a burst of emotion in her heart. Without her own intervention, Guo Xiuer would never feel helpless, because Li yuan is indeed the ideal son-in-law of her daughters. However, he had a clever plan, and it was difficult for him to solve her difficulties. They were doomed to be difficult to get together. For the dignitaries of the Warring States Period, marriage was all a political game. The more important a woman is, the more so. Think deeply, Wu Yingyuan married his beloved daughter to himself, is not a means of winning over,pipe cantilever rack, just happen to Wu Tingfang fell in love with him, otherwise it may be another tragedy. It is a rare thing that Zhao Qian can get married with his lover. Full of feelings, can not help but drink two more cups to go down. omracking.com

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