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According to Wowhead, certain players recently received a survey

In another piece of BlizzCon news, the next World of Warcraft character, Sombra, was officially revealed as well as the shooter's new Arcade section. The Arcade is a brand new section of the Play menu . It contains a variety of different match types, such as a 1v1 mode and a assortment of different brawls. Blizzard has also announced the launch of it separate World of Warcraft competitive league with city-based teams.

For more news from BlizzCon 2016 check out the links below. We'll be covering the convention throughout the weekend So stay tuned to P2Pah for more updates.

An "Classic" edition that is a classic version World of Warcraft 's 2008 Wrath of the Lich King expansion appears to be in some of the packs, while a recent survey from Blizzard provides clues as to what type of microtransactions players might anticipate when the game's official announcement.

According to Wowhead, certain players recently received a survey that asked for their opinions on a few of add-ons that are available for "the next World of Warcraft Classic package" and how attractive each would be if offered in a bundle. In the survey, participants were asked about characters with boosts to levels up to up to 68. specific character boosts designed for the new Death Knight characters, mounts suitable for both Classic and the Live version of WoW characters, character transfers with exclusive pets, and many more.

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