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Posted 05/25/2023 by orgkonnect

Actionable Org Charts: 4 Compelling Benefits to Use Them for Successful Prospecting

Actionable Org Charts: 4 Compelling Benefits to Use Them for Successful Prospecting

As a B2B marketer, you may already know that actionable org charts of target companies are a simple yet high-powered tool. It gives you a line of sight into the prospect accounts, enabling you to discover minor details about them and strike the deal faster. That's why it can be rightly said that it is your new superpower to identify and target prospective accounts effectively and successfully. 


However, to elaborate, an actionable org chart of prospect accounts provides a graphical depiction of the company’s structure including the divisions, departments, processes, etc. It helps to target prospects successfully by providing details like who reports to whom, their decision-making process, multiple sales channels, etc. Thus, from approaching prospects to converting them into loyal clients, an actionable org chart can benefit you in various ways. 


But wondering how exactly an actionable org chart can be your go-to tool while prospecting and make it successful? 


Let's Check Out 4 Compelling Benefits of Utilizing Actionable Org Charts While Targeting-


  • Increased Click-Through Rates: The hierarchical order or a chain of command in the actionable org chart shows "who the prospects are". It shows you different levels within the company, key individuals, their job roles & responsibilities, their different groups, etc. Ultimately, it helps you to approach prospects with the best-suited offerings, resulting in enhanced click-through rates.


  • Gets Hold of Decision-Makers Directly: The customized and actionable insights of org charts bring order to data chaos. It organizes the key individuals' and employees' data of the prospect accounts in its original form, allowing you to connect directly to the decision-makers & close the deal faster. There is no way you can figure out a company’s structure & key individuals without actionable org charts. 


  • Enhanced Conversion Rates: Since the data provided by actionable org charts are developed by sales intelligence experts, it transforms unreliable data into trustworthy ones. It provides updated, verified, and customized information about the target account, helping you to approach them effectively & successfully. Therefore, it results in boosted conversion rates and ROI of the organization.


  • Builds Lasting Relationship: The actionable org chart helps you to understand the needs & requirements, and ultimately, the buying behavior of the prospects. As a result, it allows you to offer them tailored & best-suited products & services. Besides faster deal closure, it also enables you to maintain a lasting relationship with your prospective accounts. 


Actionable Org Charts, when combined with sales intelligence, enable you to spot patterns of the prospect accounts you would not otherwise see. Its customized and updated insights help you not only identify the relevant prospects but also approach them successfully. No wonder, actionable org charts hold a kind of secret power that proves to be immensely beneficial while targeting prospective accounts. 


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