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Posted 04/25/2023 by import export data - siomex

All about Indian export import data 2023

All about Indian export import data 2023

India's export import data for 2022 reveals that the country has seen growth in both exports and imports, despite the trade deficit. The country's major exports include petroleum products, gems and jewelry, engineering goods, chemicals, and textiles. These products accounted for a significant portion of India's exports in 2022.

India's major import items in 2022 included crude oil, gold, electronics, machinery, and chemicals. These products are crucial to the country's industries and growth, and their imports help meet the domestic demand for these goods.

India's top trading partners in 2022 were China, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Singapore. These countries accounted for a significant portion of India's imports and exports. India's trade with these countries is expected to continue to grow in the future.

India has also made significant progress in expanding its trade relations with other countries, such as Japan, South Korea, and the European Union. The country has signed several trade agreements with these countries, which are expected to boost its export and import trade.

In conclusion, India's export-import data for 2022 highlights the country's importance in the global trade market. Despite the trade deficit, India has seen growth in both exports and imports, and its trade relations with other countries are expected to continue to expand. The country's focus on manufacturing and technology is expected to further boost its economic growth and position in the global market.

Some other major export commodities from India include:

Gems and jewelry: India is one of the largest exporters of gems and jewelry in the world, with exports worth USD 24.4 billion in 2022.

Agriculture products: India is a major exporter of agriculture products such as rice, wheat, tea, spices, and fresh fruits and vegetables. In 2022, the country's agricultural exports were worth USD 34.3 billion.

Automobiles and auto parts: India is also a major exporter of automobiles and auto parts, with exports worth USD 13.6 billion in 2022.

Electronic goods: The electronic goods industry in India has been growing rapidly, and the country is now a major exporter of electronic goods such as mobile phones, laptops, and televisions.

Leather products: India is a major exporter of leather products such as shoes, bags, and belts. In 2022, the country's leather exports were worth USD 4.8 billion.

Overall, India's diverse range of export commodities and its increasing competitiveness in the international market bodes well for the country's economic growth and development.

That's great to know! It's impressive to see the growth and development of India's economy in the global market. It's interesting to see that India's imports mainly come from China, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, which are major players in the global market. It's also good

to hear that the Indian government is taking measures to promote exports and attract foreign investments, which will further boost the country's economy. Thanks for sharing this valuable information and the recommendation for Siomex for accurate import-export data analysis.

Sure, here's an overview of India's import-export data for 2022 based on the information shared in the previous sections:

India's total exports in 2022 were worth $314.4 billion, with major export commodities including petroleum products, engineering goods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and textiles.

The country's total imports in 2022 were worth $482 billion, with major import commodities including crude oil, gold, electronic goods, and coal.

India's major trading partners for exports include the United States, China, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore, with growing exports to Japan and South Korea.

The trade deficit for 2022 was $177.1 billion.

Overall, the data indicates that India's export and import industries are growing, with a focus on petroleum products, engineering goods, and raw materials such as crude oil and coal. The country's major trading partners continue to be important players in its import-export market, with increasing demand for Indian goods in countries such as Japan and South Korea.

In 2022, there was a notable rise in oil imports compared to the previous year, which can be attributed to various factors such as the resurgence of global oil demand, an increase in oil prices, and an overall improvement in economic conditions. China, the United States, and India were among the countries that experienced a substantial increase in oil imports. China, being the largest oil importer in the world, witnessed a growth of over 7% due to the recovering economy and escalating oil demand. Similarly, India, being the third-largest oil importer globally, also observed a significant surge in oil imports owing to the improving economy and the mounting energy needs. Based on the Export Import Data, the total value of oil imports in 2022 was $97.9 billion, which accounted for 20% of the country's total imports. The primary oil suppliers to India were the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. This rise in oil imports was beneficially influenced by a recovering global economy, soaring oil demand, and increasing oil prices. As the world recuperates from the pandemic, it is anticipated that the demand for oil will persist to grow in the future, which would be driven by the escalating energy needs and the necessity to meet the world's energy demands.

Gold and Silver Imports 2022

In 2022, there was a notable increase in gold and silver imports as the global economy recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for these precious metals as safe-haven assets surged, as investors sought to diversify their portfolios and protect their wealth.

According to import-export data for 2022, India made a significant contribution to the gold and silver imports. These imports constituted the second-largest category of imports, valued at $35.9 billion, following oil. India is one of the world's leading consumers of gold, with the demand for jewelry and other applications driving the imports of the precious metal into the country.

According to India's Export import data for 2022, the United States and UAE were among India's major trading partners. The US became India's largest trading partner in the previous fiscal year, surpassing China. UAE's growing oil trade contributed significantly to the country's trade with India.

India's exports in 2022 were dominated by engineering items, petroleum products, and textiles. These three categories accounted for more than half of India's total exports, with engineering goods contributing the most at $71.4 billion. Chemicals, gems, and jewellery, as well as pharmaceuticals, were also significant export products for India in 2022.

India is set to assume the G20 presidency for the period of 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023. As the G20 president, India will be responsible for setting the agenda and hosting the summit, which is a crucial intergovernmental platform for global economic cooperation.

India is also expected to overtake China as the world's most populous country in April 2023, which will put pressure on the government to create more jobs and leverage the country's positive demographic dividend. The success of India's trade will depend on its export readiness.

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