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When you think of crowns and tiaras, the picture of kings and queens starts gyrating around your mind, isn’t it? For centuries both have been jewelled headpieces. Though these words are used interchangeably quite often, they are very different.

When you think of crowns and tiaras, the picture of kings and queens starts gyrating around your mind, isn’t it? For centuries both have been jewelled headpieces. Though these words are used interchangeably quite often, they are very different.

Now you must be wondering what makes crowns and tiaras different from each other.

 Here’s all you need to know about crown and tiara:


If you go by history, tiaras were worn by the female members of royal families, illustrating royalty. Be it Danish, Spanish, British, Iranian, Dutch, or Swedish royal families, each has a good collection of tiaras.

After the end of the Roman Empire, tiaras gained popularity again. Considered a paradigm of royalty and glamour, these have become the top fashion statement.  

Tiara is a type of crown but with a difference. The major difference is tiaras are worn by females only. It can be worn for any political or social event and not particularly for religious ones.

Initially, it was worn by female members of the royal family. But nowadays, these are frequently donned by the brides on their wedding day, beauty pageant winners, and little girls on special occasions. These days queens, too, wear tiaras. For instance, Queen Elizabeth II of England has a wide range of tiaras that she often wears at formal events. 

This semicircular headpiece comes in all sizes and is typically made of gemstones like pearls and diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and aquamarines.

Meaning of Tiara

What does tiara mean, actually?

Tiara symbolises privilege and victory. Substantially, a tiara is a jewelled ornament worn by women on the top of the head (covering half head) that illustrates their adolescence. Thus, according to history, tiaras are usually worn by the girl on her wedding day.

Queens can lend tiaras to the members of the Royal family. For example, Cartier Halo’s tiara was lent to Catherine during her marriage to Prince Williams.


Since prehistoric times, both kings and queens have worn crowns. It is a symbol of authority and nobility. It is circular with a fabric cap inside and encircles the entire head. Often large but same from all angles, i.e., single curvature from front to back.

Crowns are typically made of precious metals, specifically gold containing priceless, precious gemstones. Though, crowns differ according to the time and country and can be altered according to the prevailing fashion and wearer’s requirements.

The imperial state Crown of the United Kingdom is one of the renowned crowns symbolising the sovereignty of the ruler. This regal headpiece is prepared from gold, silver, and platinum. It comprises 105 Kohinoor diamonds taken from India, around 2800 diamonds, approximately 33 sapphires, emeralds and rubies, and 273 pearls. It weighs over 2 pounds and is approximately 12”.

Queen Elizabeth II wears it on special occasions, but when not in use, it is kept on display either in the Jewel House or the Tower of London.

Types of Crown

Crowns worn by kings, queens, and other supreme rulers have arches symbolising sovereignty.

Whereas the crowns worn by the other members of the royal family are crowns without arches and are smaller in size. These are metal circles spanning upwards and are popularly known as coronets. These crowns indicate the designation of the wearer.

Corona Radiata (radiant crown): This type of crown can be seen on the Statue of Liberty. In the past, it was worn by Roman emperors.

Tiara Vs. Crown

Here are the key differences between crowns and tiaras:

v  Crowns and tiaras differ in shape. Crowns are circular, whereas tiaras are semicircular.

v  Usually, crowns are hulky and tall in size, whereas tiaras are short.

v  As compared to tiaras, crowns are more ornate.

v  Tiara is a kind of crown, whereas a crown is not a kind of tiara.

v  Historically, kings and queens both wore crowns, and the female members of the royal family wore a tiara. On the contrary, any female can wear a tiara occasionally. Be it a bride, married woman, winner of a beauty pageant, or unmarried princess.


The symbol of royalty, the tiara, can be worn by anyone. Tiara relates to the crowning of love, so the wearer should be conscious of wearing it properly. When a girl wears a tiara on her special day, the wedding day, the feeling of royalty digs in. This adds glamour and grandeur to the dressing.

But the question is how to wear a tiara that is regularly adorned by royalty. Here are certain guidelines to be followed when wearing a tiara:

Ø  Place the tiara on your head and see where it settles down naturally. It might move forward, which is good. People will be able to notice your jewelled tiara.

Ø  To fix the tiara on your head properly. You need to put your thumb on the dimple of your chin and the index finger between the eyebrows. Then place the thumb where your finger was, whereas move your index finger to touch the base of the tiara in your hair.

Ø  Accordingly, adjust the arms of your tiara and do the hairdo. Ensure you cover the arms with your hair.

Ø  With the help of bobby pins, pin the arms of the tiara. If using elastic thread, tie one arm of the tiara with one end of the thread and tie the other end similarly under your hair. Your job is done!                                   

Tips to keep in mind when wearing a tiara:

·         Go for day-old hair without conditioner instead of instantly washed hair as it offers more grip to the tiara.

·         Use bobby pins or elastic threads (though time-consuming but worth using) to secure your tiara into the back of your hairdo.

·         Using combs to secure a tiara can work wonders too. Once they sink in your hair, keep your tiara in place.

·         Wear a tiara only when you are done with hair spraying. 

·         Though tiaras look good on everyone but choosing the right outfit that goes well with a tiara makes you look elegant.


Females would surely get on cloud nine once they top off their dress with an elegant tiara. Check out TulleLux Bridal Crown for different kinds of tiaras or crowns. Be it gold wedding crown, silver tiara crown, bridal crown, diadem wedding crown, vintage hair accessories, or crystal and gold tiara crowns; several high-quality varieties are available, that too at affordable prices.


Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about the beauty and history of both crowns and tiaras and how to wear a tiara. Not to worry, TulleLux Bridal Crowns & Accessories is a one-stop solution. Own a crown or a tiara of your choice and embrace the feeling of being truly special.

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