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Posted 05/07/2023 by DentalSave

Are You a Dentist? Recent Trends in the Dentistry Field

Are You a Dentist? Recent Trends in the Dentistry Field

Most Often it’s About Money

As a dentist, you will at one time think about some of the problems your patients go through, and when you think deeply about it, it’s most often about dental cost. According to Alan Mead, some of the things that may be bothering you about your patient’s problems can include lack of acceptance or a bad Yelp review due to dissatisfaction among several others. However, Alan suggests that the next time you struggle with offering the best treatment to your patient, remember to ask them other things that can inhibit them from getting the treatment done other than dental cost.

Practice Dental Security in your Dental Firm

You can never depend on luck to protect your data. Hard drives collapse and your computer can be hacked into, and if you don’t have a backup, you can lose your data. The Dental Warrior suggests that you back up your data in different ways to increase protection. You can do this by using a thumb or flash drive, a cloud, or an external hard drive. However, you should also consider installing a copy of your PMS (Practice Management Software) on your home PC and restore the backed up data regularly. Other than backing up data, train your team to be cautious on how they use office computers while on the internet. This includes not opening files or clicking on suspicious links from suspicious emails and not surfing porn while at work.

Measuring Patient Satisfaction

It’s always important for dentists to select a few clients to give their feedback. However, this doesn’t mean that you should only select those that display obvious satisfaction. There has to be a system for your patients to give their honest feedback; otherwise, they will turn to social media and Yelp to share their negative experience.

Go Mobile

According to the Dental Geek, mobile devices make up for more than half of the entire web traffic. This means that it’s high time you created a mobile friendly website. Creating a mobile friendly website has some added advantages including easier access to your business website, a high ranking on Google, a higher traffic on your website, and more engagement. You can easily know if you have a mobile friendly website by using Google Analytics. To create a mobile friendly website has never been easier; you can use friendly software like onbile and bMobilized among others.

Increase Patient Retention

Patient retention and a successful relationship have one thing in common; positive touch points. The positive touch points determine the likelihood of patients using your services or leaving for another practice. These touch points are often as a result of positive interactions that keep patients loyal.

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