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Automobile Pollution Control Measures Under TDP Governance.

Automobile Pollution Control Measures Under TDP Governance.

Enforcing pollution control regulations is a priority for APSRTC. Modern diesel smoke metres have been installed to monitor the pollution levels of buses.The corporation currently has eight smoke metres in total. To satisfy the requirements set forth by the TDP Government to lower pollution levels in the state of Andhra Pradesh under the leadership of the Former Chief Minister Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu with the help of TDP Leaders and some Best of TDP MLAs, these smoke metres, which are housed in depots, were modernised with computers and webcams. Bus exhaust pollution levels are routinely checked at the depots, and any necessary remedial action is conducted right once to keep the levels under the established limits. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is putting pressure on the APSRTC to take the required steps to keep smoke levels within the permitted limits specified in the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) 1989 rule No. 115 since high emission levels pose a risk to human health. Under this law, it is prohibited for vehicles to run if their emission capacity exceeds 65%. This was an initiative taken by the state government of Andhra Pradesh for the well-being of people and their lives. And this went out as one of the Best TDP Contributions and turned out as one of the Greatest Achievements of TDP done for the people of Andhra Pradesh.

The push to have depots verify their pollution levels has been observed by APSRTC, which has also reviewed the results at regular corporate meetings.  The Corporation purchased 46 numbers of advanced electronic smoke metres from an Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL). Neptune and Nitel Chromatographs firms pay around Rs. 42 lakhs to provide all the units, in order to obtain rapid and precise results of smoke emission levels. Out of 46 electronic machines, 32 have been delivered thus far, and the 14 remaining metres will be delivered soon.

The majority of the units were not following the directives provided to assess smoke emission levels and to keep a record for corrective follow-up action, it has been discovered after reviewing recent inspection reports.

The following are some of the directives that are sent to all parties involved as a result of the aforementioned:

1. The DM of the Head Quarters Depot is responsible for maintaining control of the electronic smoke metres provided to the Regional Headquarters. Once a month, a trained operator is dispatched with the smoke metre to the region's depots to verify the emission levels of all the vehicles. To inspect the cars at their Depot, the DMs of each Depot in the area must use smoke metres.

2. It is required to keep a separate register to document regular smoke level inspections and the actions taken against any cars with excessive emissions.

3. All Unit Officers who are in charge of electronic smoke metres pursuant to APMV regulation 486 are required to create pollution testing stations and must do so after properly acquiring a licence from the relevant Regional Transport Authority.

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