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Posted 10/04/2023 by 101 blockchainss

Become a Certified Blockchain Expert - 101 Blockchains

Become a Certified Blockchain Expert - 101 Blockchains

A comprehensive and accredited training program for professionals looking to delve into the world of blockchain technology and its expansive ecosystem is the Certified Blockchain Expert (CEBP) certification program, which is provided by industry experts Enrico Camerinelli and Aviv Lichtigstein through 101Blockchains.com.

Enrico Camerinelli, a well-known name in supply chain finance and blockchain, contributes a wealth of experience on corporate treasury systems, global transaction banking, and supply chain finance to the course. He helped develop the Supply Chain Finance Community, and he actively participates in UN initiatives that promote international trade.

Aviv Lichtigstein is the creator and CEO of 101Blockchains.com, one of the premier resource portals for blockchain technology. He is a thought leader and businessman with expertise in Big Data and AI. Enrico and Aviv work together as senior teachers at 101Blockchains.com, where they share their knowledge through courses on supply chain finance, Big Data and AI, and enterprise blockchains.

For business professionals at all career levels who want to get a thorough understanding of blockchain technology and its numerous uses, the CEBP certification program stands as a benchmark. This program is officially acknowledged in the industry as a top certification that focuses solely on Blockchain and Web3 technologies and has been accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

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The accessibility of the CEBP certification is one of its main benefits. It is accessible to everyone who is interested in learning everything there is to know about commercial blockchains and the numerous applications they have across numerous industries. The curriculum is designed to meet your requirements and aspirations, whether you are an executive, manager, or entry-level worker.

The path to obtaining the CEBP certification is planned around a challenging curriculum and concludes with a certification exam. Candidates must obtain a minimum score of 70% in order to pass. In this case, 101 Blockchains provides a special guarantee: applicants who successfully complete their CEBP training course will be well-prepared to ace the exam, guaranteeing their success in acquiring this priceless certification.

101 Blockchains is facilitating the CEBP certification program, which has a modular design and offers thorough coverage of all exam objectives. The learning process will be accelerated by the use of this method, which will also make it accessible and efficient for all participants. The course also includes interviews with top industry professionals, who offer extra insights and support to enhance the learning experience.

Professionals can proudly demonstrate their newly acquired experience and understanding in blockchain technology after successfully completing the CEBP certification. Their professional profiles are considerably improved by this qualification, especially for those hoping to pursue professions in the blockchain industry. People are well-equipped to flourish in the fast growing field of corporate blockchains and emerge as leaders in it thanks to the CEBP certification from 101 Blockchains and the CPD Certification Service.

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