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Posted 11/30/2022 by Amjad Khanche

Being entrepreneurial is only the beginning, staying entrepreneurial is a lifestyle!

Being entrepreneurial is only the beginning, staying entrepreneurial is a lifestyle!

Do you think that FMCG start-ups have gone out of fashion? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like they are not cutting the interest of the millennials anymore, as a start-up option. I think in today’s day and age, technology and applications are gaining the most attraction.

The apps that get you that cup of coffee faster and with less hassle, the ride-sharing apps that get you home at the click of a button, and even more unthinkable ones, that often seem unnecessary to begin with but end up becoming your next habit or obsession. (Example – the apps that can make you look like an aged person. Why??)

Occasionally it’s good to remember that these businesses have conceived or invented an entrepreneurial business, that like it or not, has legs. Which is why they are so popular, and Entrepreneurial DNA is key here. Regardless of the age and experience of the owner, a lot of the successful technology platform creators and inventors will have at some point, taken some inspiration during their rise to success, from heritage business models that continue to be around and thriving even today.

In my own journey, as a generation Y serial entrepreneurial with very strong work ethic I take my inspiration from proven heritage methods. Although once I created something very special for the ‘traditionally tea’ dominant market of India, that initially could have been considered ‘unnecessary’.

Read my next blog to find out how at the beginning of the 21st century a small group of entrepreneurs decided to take on the huge Indian market to not only educate them about real Italian Espresso coffee but also to sell a cup of coffee with an expensive price tag. It was to be an exclusive drink that aspiring cosmopolitan Indians would want to be seen enjoying. Just like some of the ‘unnecessary’ apps of today.

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