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Posted 06/06/2023 by Lockers Sydney

Beyond The Basics: Innovative Features In Modern Lockers

Beyond The Basics: Innovative Features In Modern Lockers

Lockers are an essential part of any workplace. They provide a secure location to store items and are often used by employees as a place to store personal belongings. Although most lockers are made from steel or wood, there is an increasing trend towards more modern materials such as plastic or aluminium.

This article will explore some of the innovative features that can be found on modern lockers so you can make an informed decision about which type best suits your needs.

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Smart Locking Systems

Smart locking systems are used to prevent unauthorised access to the locker. The system can be configured to lock automatically when a person enters or leaves a certain zone, such as an area that contains sensitive information and equipment.

Smart locks also have other advantages over their traditional counterparts .They're more secure and easier for users to operate.

Integrated Charging Solutions

  • Integrated charging solutions:

There are several different systems that enable you to charge your locker's battery, including solar panels and wind turbines. Some lockers even come with geothermal energy as well.

  • Waterfalls:

If you want your locker to look like it was created by some kind of futuristic designer, then consider making yours an envy of all others by adding a waterfall inside it. This can help reduce the amount of noise from opening doors and closing them too quickly .Which will definitely make this feature popular among users.

Ventilation and Air Circulation

Ventilation and air circulation is an important part of any locker design. Locker rooms can become very hot, and it's important that you keep the locker cool so your employees don't have to work in uncomfortable conditions. Ventilation also helps keep the locker dry, which makes it easier for workers to do their jobs without getting sweaty or dirty from all of that moisture building up around them.

Ventilation is essential because not all lockers are designed equally .Some have openings on every side for people coming in or going out  others have air vents only at one end . This means that if there aren't any vents, then everything will just get hot and humid as soon as someone opens a door into this area.

Space Optimisation and Customisation

The right locker can make a huge difference to your office, and it's important to consider how you want your staff to work.

The most common space concerns are related to the amount of equipment that needs storing and the amount of floor space available.

Security Enhancements

Modern lockers are far more than just storage containers. They're also equipped with smart technology that makes it easier to use and maintain. Security enhancements include:

  • Smart locking systems, which can be used in conjunction with keypad entry or biometric authentication systems.
  • Integrated charging solutions, which allow you to charge your phone while inside the locker, eliminating the need for a separate power source outside of it.
  • Ventilation and air circulation systems that keep air moving around your locker so it doesn't get too hot or stuffy when stored for extended periods of time .These systems help prevent mould growth within the unit as well.

In addition to these features above, modern lockers come equipped with customisable features .Like space optimisation and customisation options such as interior layout customisation or exterior design changes depending on what type of facility where they'll be installed within.


The smart lockers system we’ve highlighted is the most important feature in our review. It allows users to open and close their locker . This makes it easier than ever before to access your belongings when you need them most and also helps keep your locker secure at all times.

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