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Blizzard is only exploring the concept

Blizzard tainment recently said that the release of WoTLK Gold the World of Warcraft movie may increase World of Warcraft subscriber numbers and we've now found out about a specific application that might help with that. The game's creator is sending questionnaires asking users to decide if they'd be interested in " World of Warcraft Ultimate Movie Edition," a version of the game that comes with all the expansions available to the game.

According to a person who took feedback on Reddit (verified by an official Blizzard rep) It is believed that you'll receive all the previously released WoW expansions along with a month of gameplay time as well as an "exclusive" game-exclusive item when you purchase tickets to see the film. The survey does not declare that the base game is included, but it's possible this is what is expected.

Right now, Blizzard is only exploring the concept. If Blizzard does decide to offer a package, the details could alter between now and when the film hits the market.

P2Pah has reached out to Blizzard in an effort to gain more information on the company's plans around crossover opportunities for World of Warcraft and WoW.

WoW's next expansion, Legion, launches this summer, and it's also the time that Duncan Jones's directed World of Warcraft comes to cinemas. Game designer Brian Holinka told P2Pah in November that it's possible the film's release may draw new players into WoW.

"It's more of a broadening of the scope of the universe to all," he said about the movie at the time. "For us, our primary concern is just the game. No matter if the movie is included or not, the expansion, and how good the gaming experience and the game's content is going to help people stick in the game and play. I'm confident that it'll make lots of people excited as well as entice lots of people into"WoTLK Classic Gold," which is a good thing."

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