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Blizzard's strategy to avoid this issue in Diablo 3

Diablo 3's launch in 2012 ended up being a disaster because of Diablo IV Gold its never-stopping online requirements along with broken servers, and a real-money auction house which nobody wanted or liked. A decade later, we know that eventually Blizzard returned to track through Diablo 3 and ended up with a great ARPG. However, why did it take more than two years for Blizzard to take down that irritating actual-money auction houses? Perhaps you should blame the boxes the game was shipped in and their promises on the back of the boxes about an operational auction house.

As reported via PC Gamer, some former Blizzard and Blizzard North employees were part of an open forum at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. During that panel, the group of former Blizz developers discussed the history of Diablo as well as their own connection to Diablo, and also shared their stories of developing the famous franchise. In the panel discussion, former lead designer on Diablo 3, Jay Wilson discussed the controversial auction house, discussing its history and the origins of the company, as well as other.

"When I was at Blizzard," said Wilson, "the reason for doing the auction house with real money was to ensure security. The reason was not money. We didn't think we'd make enough money from it. The biggest problem in Diablo 2 was item duping and duping hacks, as well as the gold sellers, and all the other things."

According to Wilson stated, Blizzard's strategy to avoid this issue in cheap Diablo 4 Gold was to take the control of the market for trading. It is also believed to be the motive behind the game's decision to require an all-time-online internet connection. Wilson says that the moment you allow offline clients, the hackers "got the game." Therefore, always online and the auction house were Blizzard's bad attempts to manage issues that plagued Diablo 2.

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