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Posted 11/16/2022 by Juan Torresano

Can I use WhatsApp in CarPlay?

CarPlay is the new “it”. A whole different concept of using your while driving. It hasn’t

been any easier to check your emails and calendars, send messages, make calls, and

listen to e-books. That’s why you might be curious, would WhatsApp work on my


Being a businessman, you’re basically attached to your phone. There are people to

respond to, and businesses to manage when you’re away. Even when you’re driving your

car, you still would check your phone every two minutes. Now, you must have listened

to this a million times before, but taking your eyes off the road and unto the screen is

very dangerous.

Enter CarPlay. CarPlay is a voice-assisted technology that lets you use your phone

while driving. However, you might have a car screen without a CarPlay system installed. We,

at Merge Screens, offer Carplay modules that work with every car model, even if it's old

You can access either CarPlay or Android-Auto, both are available. We even offer

a tesla-style CarPlay screen, if you got no screen. Likewise, we’re all equipped to retrofit

your car!

After we install it, you’ll be ready to use your phone anytime you want while keeping

your eyes on the road. But, would you be able to use WhatsApp as a businessman?

How can I use WhatsApp on CarPlay?

It’s very easy. After installing and operating your CarPlay, you’ll need to connect your

phone via a USB or Bluetooth. After that, go to your dashboard and add WhatsApp to it

from the utility apps. That’s it! WhatsApp should work after that. Once you open it, you


● Make WhatsApp calls

● Send texts using your voice-assistant

● Use the navigation to reach locations

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