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CBD vs. H4CBD - Bona Voluntate

CBD vs. H4CBD - Bona Voluntate

The most recent cannabis phenomena to become viral online is H4CBD. But since we still know so little about this odd and powerful form of CBD, it's critical to thoroughly contrast H4CBD with the cannabinoid's original form.

We'll quickly review H4CBD in this tutorial before contrasting it with CBD in ten key areas. Then, we'll assist you in selecting one of the two cannabinoids and address any further questions you may have.

Describe H4CBD.

The hydrogenated version of CBD is known as H4-CBD. It is manufactured using a method that is quite similar to the production of hydrogenated vegetable oil in a food industry and does not naturally exist in cannabis or hemp buds.

H4CBD is thought to have effects that are much stronger than CBD. H4CBD, however, does not approach the intoxication threshold of THC and instead stays within the broad range of effects of CBD.

How similar is H4CBD to CBD?

No, H4CBD and CBD are not interchangeable terms. These substances have fundamentally distinct chemical make-ups, and H4CBD behaves quite differently in the body from what CBD users are used to. That's only the beginning of how these cannabinoids vary from one another; in addition, H4-CBD products are far more difficult to get than their CBD counterparts, and the selection of goods is much reduced.

Comparing H4CBD with CBD

What specific differences exist between H4CBD and CBD? Learn more in the comparative section that follows:

  1. Source

Although hemp is the source of both CBD and H4-CBD, only one cannabinoid can be produced directly from hemp flowers. H4CBD does not naturally exist in hemp or cannabis, unlike CBD, which is the second most prevalent cannabinoid in Cannabis sativa.

Instead, hydrogenation must be used to create H4-CBD from CBD. As a consequence, whereas CBD is often fully natural, H4CBD is intrinsically a synthetic cannabinoid.

  1. Chemical composition

Although compounds' chemical structures are seldom severely altered by hydrogenation, they are usually altered in some manner. In the instance of H4CBD, four more hydrogen atoms have been added to the CBD molecule (C21H30O2), creating a novel structure (C21H34O2). Chemically speaking, H4CBD still has more similarities with CBD than it does with any other substance, but it is unquestionably a distinct substance in and of itself.

  1. Strength

Despite the fact that this is just conjecture based on a single 2006 research and little anecdotal evidence, H4CBD seems to be a lot stronger than CBD. Shimon Ben-research Shabat's found that H4-CBD may have an effect on CB1 receptors that is up to 100 times stronger than that of CBD.

However, there is a difficulty with this since CBD is not typically known to significantly activate the CB1 receptors. Whatever action H4CBD may exert at the brain's CB1 receptors is still likely to be much below the threshold attained with even a tiny THC dosage since 100 times nothing is still nothing.

  1. Results

The category in which CBD and H4CBD vary the most may be experienced effects. Other than that, although originating from quite different origins, these cannabinoids are pretty similar.

However, consuming H4CBD will seem like combining CBD with a little amount of THC, while CBD will just make you feel relaxed without any sense of intoxication. Even if you didn't use CBD exclusively, it will still feel like you did.

  1. Lawfulness

According to the FDA's most recent findings, there doesn't seem to be much of a legal distinction between CBD and H4CBD. Producers have been concerned that the FDA may see changed cannabinoids as immune from the safeguards offered by the 2018 Farm Bill since the emergence of the delta 8 boom, but it seems that delta 9 THC is still the only cannabinoid specifically mentioned in the 1971 Controlled Substances Act.

H4CBD should thus be considered to be a kind of industrial hemp, making it legal to purchase online. In fact, H4CBD products are already starting to surface online.

  1. Accessibility

When it comes to availability, CBD and H4CBD have significant differences. Nowadays, you can even buy CBD beverages and snacks on the shelves of traditional grocery shops, but H4CBD may be difficult to locate, even if you think yourself an expert at finding uncommon pharmacy things online.

There are now thousands of CBD products instead of only a few hundred. You may choose from almost any product category conceivable, and the CBD market's rapid expansion has sparked fierce rivalry that has improved product quality. Contrarily, at least half of the top 10 H4CBD vendors are still bulk chemical sellers, glaringly highlighting the disparities in availability between these two cannabinoids.

  1. Product excellence

The CBD market has now been long enough to provide a consistent level of product quality. Even in the lack of any government regulation, market rivalry has compelled inferior hemp growers to up their game or leave the industry. No matter whatever category you choose, you may choose from dozens of top-notch CBD products as a result.

For H4CBD, this is not the case. Since cannabinoids obtained from chemical producers are unsafe for human consumption, emerging H4CBD producers may be tempted to lower the quality of their products in order to reduce costs associated with obtaining this uncommon cannabinoid. To confirm the quality of any H4CBD goods you're thinking about, look for independent lab tests or get in touch with customer support.

  1. Product selection

You may choose from tinctures, sweets, topicals, beverages, lip balms, vape cartridges, and even organic hemp flowers while using CBD. The market for H4CBD, however, mostly consists of distillates sold by the gramme and vape cartridges, severely restricting the applications for this promising new cannabinoid.

  1. Possibile advantages

There is no doubting the distinction between H4CBD and CBD as cannabinoids. While the advantages of H4CBD should roughly resemble those of CBD, it is still too early to predict the possible uses that researchers may find for this interesting new hemp compound.

It's feasible that H4CBD will become quite popular among those who have chronic pain or other disorders for which a combination of CBD and THC is often requested if it turns out that it softly activates your CB1 receptors while otherwise matching the benefits of CBD. Whatever the case, the reality remains that compared to normal CBD, we know very less about H4CBD.

  1. Security

CBD is a known variable in terms of safety, however H4CBD is still unknown. Generally speaking, hydrogenation is one of the easiest and least significant methods of chemical synthesis, and it takes a lot of tweaking to make synthetic cannabis harmful. H4CBD is thus very unlikely to be hazardous, however unlike CBD, which is virtually generally recognised for having a highly favorable side effect profile, the safety of H4CBD is much less well-established.

Conclusion: Which should I use, H4CBD or CBD?

CBD is the way to go if you want to stay with what is tried and true, even if it is a little monotonous. However, H4CBD is the best option if you'd rather take a risk and explore the possibilities of everything CBD may be.

It's true that we understand H4CBD far less well than we do traditional CBD. But for other cannabis enthusiasts, that same attraction may be what draws them in. We've always erred on the side of tradition, and H4CBD offers us the chance to do so once again.

FAQ about H4CBD vs. CBD

Is CBD or H4CBD more effective for pain?

People choose CBD for pain management largely because they have read research showing that this cannabinoid interacts with your TRP and 5HT receptors, two important pain-related receptors. H4CBD could be more effective than CBD at your CB1 receptors, but it doesn't seem to have any more pronounced action at your TRP and 5HT receptors. Only if H4CBD really activates your CB1 receptors, which results in a flood of pain-numbing dopamine, could it be more effective for pain relief than CBD.

Which is better for sleep, H4CBD or CBD?

There is no evidence to suggest that H4CBD is more effective than traditional CBD for promoting sleep. People choose CBD for sleep mostly because it relaxes and calms them at night. Although H4CBD may give you a mild high, it is unlikely to significantly enhance the calming effects of CBD.

Which is better for anxiety, CBD or H4CBD?

People with anxiety often remark that a CBD and THC mixture is really effective. If it's true that H4CBD stimulates your CB1 receptors, it may have benefits comparable to those provided by CBD and THC combined, but in just one cannabinoid, making this uncommon cannabinoid possibly more effective for reducing anxiety than CBD.

Is H4CBD equivalent to HHCP?

The cannabinoids H4CBD and HHCP are not the same. In reality, HHCP isn't even a cannabinoid: It is essentially hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), which has been made using CBD from "phytocannabinoid" hemp rather than completely synthetic materials. In order to differentiate it from regular HHC and highlight the cannabinoid's natural sources, brands append the "P" to the end of "HHC."

Is HHCPO and H4CBD the same thing?

The cannabinoid HHCPO, which was created by hydrogenating hexahydrocannabinol produced from phytocannabinoid sources, is not the same as H4CBD. However, both cannabinoids do have a common trait in that they were both produced by hydrogenation.

Does H4CBD flower exist?

No, to our knowledge, there are no hemp or cannabis flower products that include H4CBD. To create H4CBD flower, which does not naturally present in cannabis, you would need to spray H4CBD distillate over a hemp flower that contains a different cannabinoid. It's probable that hemp flower products containing H4CBD may start to emerge as this cannabinoid gains in popularity.

Does knowing how to produce synthetic CBD at home make sense?

No, generally speaking, there are no advantages to making your own CBD or other cannabinoids at home. High-level procedures and pricey lab equipment are needed to convert CBD into a new molecule. Chemically transforming this cannabinoid into another molecule is obviously out of the question since we wouldn't even advise you to extract CBD from hemp at home.

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