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Child Welfare Schemes in Andhra Pradesh by TDP Government

Child Welfare Schemes in Andhra Pradesh by TDP Government

Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu and his TDP MLAs have introduced the Department of Child Welfare which has made its presence felt through various programs and schemes, from the moment the child is into the mother's womb, to the time the child is born healthy, grows up step by step, gets educated and gives birth to healthy children in their youth and to raise them and bring them up which almost involves the entire life of a woman.

The result of many service programs directly implemented by this department, under the administration of the TDP Government has an indirect impact on human development indicators. The implementation of these programs is necessary because of their contribution to the birth of perfectly healthy babies, reduction of infant mortality rate, child mortality rate and maternal mortality rate and how well it is being implemented. under these TDP Policies, it became clear that various programs of this department help correct malnutrition among children and women and enable children to learn basic education.

Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu and the TDP Party Leaders implemented several programs under this wing of Child welfare development contributed to

comprehensive child development and are suitable for the efficient management of institutions that provide shelter to poor and orphaned women and children, through 54,133 Anganwadi Centers established by the TDP Government in 23 districts across the state for children below the age of 8 years

Under the TDP Governance, Food, health, education and medical services for pregnant and lactating women were provided through the "Integrated Child Development Seva" Scheme implemented by this department. over 86 lakh people benefitted from this scheme. Nutrition for infants, pregnant women and infants is provided through the "supplementary nutrition" scheme as 26 lakh people benefited from this scheme. Visit the official website and Perceive more information about other women and child welfare schemes by TDP and know the Latest News about TDP.

Another essential service implemented by the TDP Government in the Comprehensive Child Development Service Scheme is "Pre-Primary Education". The Anganwadi centre provides education to boys and girls between 3 to 6 years of age with playful songs as Nara Chandrababu Naidu believes that Education lays the foundation for the social, physical and mental development of children. More than 13,16,974 children benefitted from this scheme and up to 2, 8,192 children were enrolled in primary schools through Anganwadi centres during this period of time. 

The Department of Women and Child Welfare under the administration of TDP political Leaders have worked to remove the accumulated discrimination against girls in society by increasing their nutrition and health level, increasing their knowledge on various topics, to make them financially independent through vocational training programs and for the complete development of girls Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu has implemented the Kishore Balika Scheme, by conducting awareness-training classes for girls in the age group of 11-17 years on topics such as food, health, hygiene, family welfare, AIDS, stages of puberty, women's rights, laws, gender discrimination etc.

With the support of the TDP Government in Andhra Pradesh, The Women and Child Welfare Department provided free meals to five thousand orphan girls in 81 children's centres in the state and contributed to their education. Explore the official TDP website and Perceive more information about other TDP Contributions towards the welfare of people in Andhra Pradesh.

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