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Posted 12/12/2022 by Manhattan Gastroenterology

Colonoscopies in NYC

Colonoscopies in NYC

A colonoscopy (coloscopy) is an endoscopic examination of the large bowel performed by our colonoscopy screening doctors at Manhattan Gastroenterology. Our gastroenterologists guide a colonoscope (a long, thin, flexible tube containing a tiny video camera) from the anus to the end of the colon (cecum) and into the distal part of the small bowel (the terminal ileum). During your coloscopy, images from the camera are shown in real-time on a monitor, allowing the doctor to carefully examine the bowel. Biopsies and treatment can be given during this procedure, which usually takes about 30 minutes. We offer colonoscopy screening in multiple locations in New York City, including Midtown Manhattan and Upper East Side (UES).

What Is a Colonoscopy and Why Is It Performed?

Colonoscopy is the gold standard screening exam used to look for colorectal cancer (commonly referred to as colon cancer) that is recommended in patients without symptoms aged 45 or over (or earlier depending on risk factors such as family history, polyps, and other factors) that should be discussed with your local gastroenterologist. Coloscopy is used to look for polyps or other growths in the colon with the goal of prevention and early diagnosis of colon cancer.

Our physicians use a long, flexible tube called a colonoscope. This device, about as thick around as a finger, has a video camera on its tip and sends images to a video monitor, where the doctor can observe its trip from your rectum to the deepest part of your colon. Colonoscopy is also used to evaluate patients with a wide array of digestive symptoms, including rectal bleeding, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation as well as many other symptoms as part of a complete evaluation for a proper diagnosis.

At colonoscopy clinic, Manhattan Gastroenterology, we utilize the latest in medical technology and high definition equipment, and imaging modalities in order to optimally visualize your bowel during coloscopy to make a diagnosis and establish an effective treatment plan. Our gold star-rated JCAHO colonoscopy center is equipped to make sure your procedure is comfortable and safe while you are having your colonoscopy performed.

For more information about Manhattan Gastroenterology practice or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Union Square office at (212) 378-9983 or our Manhattan`s Upper East Side office at (212) 427-8761.

Read more: https://www.manhattangastroenterology.com/procedures/colonoscopy-doctor-nyc

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