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Commercial Activities Of APSRTC In TDP Governance

Commercial Activities Of APSRTC In TDP Governance

One of the primary sources of commercial revenue is buses and bus stations. Through the licensing out of Ad-Space on Buses, Bus Station Premises, Canteens, Stalls/Shops, Transportation of Parcels & Couriers, and Carriage of Postal Mail Bags on Buses, among other things, the Corporation has been earning Significant Commercial Revenues.

An open tender mechanism is used to appoint agents to show advertisements through various channels and license out spaces in bus stops and other company properties for commercial purposes. At the corporate office, tenders have recently been requested via the electronic tendering procedure.

The Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nara Chandrababu Naidu said, “APSRTC will become the leading public transport entity in the Country in the next three years’’. The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) has won an award for the performance of excellent IT initiatives at the Ashok Leyland ‘India Bus Awards 2015’ held in Mumbai. For regional and Latest TDP News you may visit the TDP official website.

 APSRTC was praised for its several initiatives to deliver the best services while performing seamlessly and flawlessly. The corporation has taken the leap from antiquated business processes to current ‘best-practice’ standards which are driven by IT-enabled environments and tools resulting in improved performance in the marketplace.  And this is considered one of the most significant TDP Achievements and Greatest TDP Contributions.


Through public tenders, the Corporation hires region-specific advertising contractors for audiovisual media (CCTV), mobile (advertisements on buses), immobile (advertisements on bus stations), and printing on the back of passenger tickets. New advertising sources are discovered during the year, and representatives are hired.

  • For the construction of electronic Digital displays with ad rights at bus stations.

  • For showing advertisements on TVs and boards mounted on clad pillars in bus terminals.

  • For showing advertisements on TVs and boards mounted on clad pillars in bus terminals.

  • For the erection of LED TVs to inform the public about reservations and display the times of bus arrival and departure with advertising rights. Corporation earned Rs. 11.59 Cr. via advertising in 2015–16 and Rs. 11.58 Cr. till January 2017. 14.00 crores of rupees is the projected income for the current fiscal year.




To provide passenger facilities including canteens, stalls, shops, etc. as well as increase commercial earnings, the Corporation built bus stations at all significant locations in the State.

The following new business sources were discovered throughout the year, and spaces were licensed out:

  •  Building and running a small theatre at the Pandit Nehru Bus Station in VJA.

  • Passengers may unwind in massage chairs at various bus stops.

  • The City Bus Port is now known as the "Andhra Bank City Bus Port"

The corporation made Rs. 68.79 Cr. from canteens, stalls, and spaces in 2015–16, and Rs. 64.05 Cr. till January 2017. For the current fiscal year, income is expected to be Rs. 78.00 Cr.

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