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Posted 07/17/2023 by Marmm Klinik

Common Tips To Enhance Quality Of Hair After Hair Transpalnt

Common Tips To Enhance Quality Of Hair After Hair Transpalnt

Hair transplant in Indore is a very effective treatment for genetic hair loss. In this treatment, a hair transplant surgery borrows healthy hairs from your own scalp and transplants the donor hairs into the bald areas of your scalp. So, you are both the donor and receiver in this treatment. 

According to hair loss experts, the back and both sides of the scalp grow baldness-resistant hairs. When a hair transplant surgeon transplants these hairs into the bald scalp, they grow in the transplanted region with full strength. 

If the hair specialist in Indore has proper qualifications and skills, you will get favorable results after the treatment. Nowadays, hair transplant surgeries are based on advanced technologies. However, patients have to spend their time cautiously during the recovery period. 

In this blog, we are going to provide the most common tips for good results after the treatment. 

Have proper rest:

After the surgery, it is mandatory that you have proper rest. In fact, the first one or two days are very crucial for the surgery. You must avoid any activity during this period. After one or two days, you can start your daily routine gradually. Heavy activities are still not allowed. 

Stay away from heavy activities:

Your hair loss specialist in Indore would not allow you to have heavy activities like exercises and sports activities for at least 2 weeks. Heavy activities will increase the flow of blood in the scalp. Increased blood flow may damage the newly transplanted hair grafts. 


How to wash your hair?

You need to stay away from hair washing for at least 72 hours after the treatment. After this period, ask your doctor before you wash your hair.  

Treat your hair gently while washing the hair. Put some drops of shampoo in a cup of water and use this mixture to wash your hair. Dry your hair with the help of a soft towel and treat your hair grafts gently. Do not rub you towel with the hair. 

Do not wear caps and hats:

It is better you do not wear hats or caps for at least seven days. Even after this period, wear a loose hat. Tights caps may damage the hair follicles. After five days, you may wear the headwear of your choice. 

Stay away from wine and cigarettes:

Alcohol is known to dilute the blood in the body. Therefore, it is the best approach if you avoid alcohol for the first seven days after the surgery. Do not take nicotine for at least one full month since nicotine decreases the blood flow. 


Sunlight and UV rays:

It is better to avoid sunlight after the surgery. Exposing the scalp to the sunlight can be harmful for your scalp and hair. Wear a cap if you must go outside because of any work. 

If you want to know anything else like the hair transplant cost in Indore, you may come to the Marmm Klinik to have reliable medical assistance.

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