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Posted 03/10/2023 by tdp

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Buses By TDP Government

The Andhra Pradesh Former Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu announced plans to convert state-run Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) buses to CNG in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Visakhapatnam. Dharmendra Pradhan, India's Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, unveiled the nation's first long-distance compressed natural gas (CNG) bus as part of a strategic initiative run by Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), the country's biggest CNG distributor. With its debut, CNG has become India's preferred fuel for long-distance travel. Along with its Indian partner Advantek Fuel Systems, Agility Fuel Solutions developed, manufactured, constructed, and delivered a composite cylinder-based entire bus fuel system that more than doubles the range of India's CNG buses and includes a specific quick filling module to save filling time. The five buses in the program, each equipped with Agility's technology, have a range of more than 1100 km, while CNG buses in India previously had a maximum capacity of 350 km (217 miles). Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu who is largely obsessed with efficiency and technology is also known for his visionary . Under the TDP Government, under the rule of Nara Chandrababu Naidu the state of Andhra Pradesh has gone through the most significant development in the history of the state. The TDP MLAs and TDP Leaders who are working for the people and the limitations of the state government have helped the state government achieve many of the developments and programs that have led to many projects which have allowed the state of Andhra Pradesh now where it is. And every news on this was live on TDP Live Updates.

CNG buses were first introduced by APSRTC at the Vidyadharapuram Depot in Vijayawada City in 2007. 311 vehicles are in service at the Vidyadharapuram, Governorpet-II, and Ibrahimpatnam Depots in Vijayawada, all of which share the responsibility of providing the public with a clean environment. The 191 Metro and 99 City buses, as well as 13 Low Floor Non-A.C. buses, are all now in service. It is a positive sign for these buses that the general population uses them. The fuel efficiency of CNG cars from April 2016 to December 2016 was 4.57 KMKG as opposed to 4.52 KMKG during the same time last year. For the delivery of CNG in Vijayawada, APSRTC has a contract with M/S Bhagyanagar Gas Ltd, a partnership between GAIL and M/S HPCL. The TDP Government which had ruled the state of Andhra Pradesh for more than a decade under the presence of the founder NTR and continued by Nara Chandrababu Naidu. With a vision for the future of the state Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu made it possible for the future generations with the help of many Top TDP Leaders and Best TDP MLA Candidates.

The BS-VI Emissions Standards, which take effect on 1 April 2020, signal the start of a transition away from diesel, which formerly accounted for 100% of intercity transport, and towards a gas-based economy. Since CNG is less expensive than diesel, fleet owners may simply and affordably attain BS-VI with buses equipped with roof-top CNG systems from Agility Fuel Solutions.  The Top TDP Achievements made by the state government have become TDP Contributions .

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