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Posted 12/07/2023 by rngslotoplay

Craps Strategies

Craps Strategies

Craps is an exciting casino game with some of the lowest house edges. While you cannot guarantee success every time, using an effective betting strategy may help reduce losses and maximize wins.

While having fun should always come first, employing a strategic plan when playing online Craps will increase your odds of success and help ensure a more organized gaming experience. This holds especially true.

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Pass Line

The Pass Line bet is the go-to bet in craps, offering players the greatest chances for extended and profitable play sessions with its low house edge of only 1.41%. Players wager that both dice will land on either 7 or 11 in their initial roll; otherwise they lose. Any time either dice land on 2, 3, or 12 (known as craps numbers) however, this bet loses.

Craps players can also place the Come Bet. This bet, which acts as the opposite to Pass Line bets and pays out when either 2 or 3 appear while losing on 7 or 11, can also be supported with Odds bets to lower house edge to just 1.36% - players should always try taking odds when possible as this maximizes total wager size. Ideally, Craps players should place table minimum bets both ways in combination with Odds bets to maximize total bet size.

Don’t Pass

Craps is a game of chance, so to improve your odds of success at this table game it is wise to start practicing for free before placing real money bets. Many players devote countless hours and bankrolls in an attempt to perfect dice rolling strategies in hopes that eventually their efforts will pay off; this strategy can be extremely risky and unsustainable over time.

The Don't Pass bet is a bet against the shooter that pays out when two or three of the dice land on two or three, while it loses whenever seven or 11 is rolled by them (considered natural numbers).

Don't Pass betting offers the lowest house edge, and when combined with Don't Come bets and laying odds you can create an overall bet with greater chances of hitting your target number. But be careful; total bets may exceed what your bankroll allows; this strategy also contravenes the 3% Rule which states no bet should have more than 3% house edge.

Come bet

A Come bet is a pre-come-out bet placed before the shooter rolls the come-out roll, paying out on 7 or 11 and losing to numbers 2, 3, or 12. It is one of few bets in craps that can be supported with double odds to reduce house edge to 0.6%.

Craps experts have devised multiple strategies for making Come bets. A popular method is using those with the lowest house edge alongside Odds bets free Odds bets in order to reduce house edges and maximize potential returns, but when selecting your strategy it is essential to consider your playing style, bankroll size, and banker strategy all at the same time.

An alternative method of increasing your chances of winning is establishing multiple Come Points; however, this increases both dice rolls and your risk of multiple bets being lost quickly should luck not go your way.


Craps odds cannot be altered through skill or luck alone, so the most effective way to protect against losing money is through smart money management strategies. One such money management plan includes setting a realistic win goal before each session and exiting once this target has been attained - this will avoid going on a losing streak and ensure there will be enough funds left over for future sessions of play.

Craps players can employ various strategies to increase their chances of winning, though some of these may be risky and should only be attempted with a large bankroll. It is essential to know both the house edge for each bet as well as understand how the game operates before betting begins.

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