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Customize the horizontal line format in the header _ border

Original title: Customize the horizontal line format in the header When editing a document in Word, do you find the horizontal lines in the header too monotonous? Today, let's learn how to customize the horizontal line format in the header. Hurry to look down and learn. Before learning about custom line formatting, let's review removing the annoying header line! When editing a document, as long as you double-click to enter the header,bespoken tape measure, Word will automatically add the header line, which is an annoying header line! How to delete it? Click the [Start] tab,bra tape measure, [Paragraph] functional group- [Border] command, and select [No Border] in the expanded drop-down list, so that the obtrusive horizontal line is removed. Next, let's talk about the border of the custom header. First, custom tape measure ,seamstress measuring tape, double-click to enter the header and select the text + paragraph mark in the header. Click the [Start] tab- [Paragraph] functional group- [Border] command. In the drop-down list, you can see that there are many commands for border line setting, such as upper and lower border lines, all border lines, etc. Expand the full text If you need to personalize the border, select [Border and Shading], and in the [Border and Shading] dialog box, make more detailed settings for the border. For example, set the color to purple, then click the lower border in the preview area, and click the OK button to set the lower border to purple. The effect is shown in the figure below: At the same time, we can also select the thickness of the line in the [Width] option, select 2.25 points, and click [OK]. In addition, in the [Style] option of the [Border and Shading] dialog box,retractable tape measure sewing, you can also set many different styles of horizontal lines. Here are two examples. The previous description is about the setting of the horizontal line of the header. In fact, you can also insert graphic pictures directly in the header. When typesetting a document, you can add a company logo or product logo to the header to make the document look great in an instant! The effect is shown below. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com

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