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Posted 06/02/2023 by LiveQuranForKids

Day of Judgment in Islam | Online Quran Classes

Day of Judgment in Islam | Online Quran Classes

The Day of Judgment, also known as the Day of Resurrection or the Last Day, is a fundamental belief held by Muslims. It is believed to be a day when all human beings will be resurrected. And souls will be brought before Allah (God) for judgment of their deeds and actions in their earthly lives. Online Quran Classes are special courses of tajweed that help us learn more about Islam.

Allah's judgment on the Day of Judgment

On that day, all people, both the living and the dead, will be resurrected and gathered for judgment. Each individual will be held accountable for their actions and will be rewarded or punished accordingly. The concept of justice is central to Islamic beliefs, and it is believed that Allah's judgment will be just and fair.

The righteous will be rewarded with eternal paradise (Jannah), while the wicked will face punishment in Hellfire (Jahannam). Learn Quran Online in Online Quran Classes for kids and adults because Quran will be the guide for us on the Day of Judgment.

How to prevent hellfire on the Day of Judgment?

Muslims are encouraged to live righteous lives and follow the teachings of Islam in order to prepare for the Day of Judgment. The way individuals live their lives in this world will determine their fate in the Hereafter.

We should ask for forgiveness from Allah and read the Quran. We should teach Quran to our children whether in Online Quran Classes or physical classes.

Signs of Day of Judgment

The Day of Judgment will occur after the world has come to an end. The exact timing of this event is known only to Allah. It is mentioned in the Quran and various hadiths. That describes the signs and events leading up to the Day of Judgment. There are two categories of signs of the Day of Judgment;

  • Minor Signs
  • Major Signs

Minor signs

There are various signs that are believed to precede the Day of Judgment. To learn in detail about signs of Day of Judgment you can enroll in Online Quran Classes for kids and adults. The exact order and interpretation of these signs may vary among scholars, here are some commonly mentioned minor signs:

Increase in religious ignorance

It is believed that as the Day of Judgment approaches, there will be a decline in religious knowledge and a prevalence of ignorance and misguidance.

We are so busy that we cannot learn Islam in our daily lives. That’s why online Quran Classes for adults and kids are efficient. They set the time according to our schedule for 30 minutes each day.

Spread of corruption

There will be an increase in corruption and moral decay in society, with widespread dishonesty, immorality, and injustice.

Deterioration of family ties

Family bonds and relationships will weaken, with a breakdown of trust and respect between family members.

Widespread dishonesty

Honesty and integrity will decrease, and lying and deceit will become prevalent.

Increase in earthquakes

There will be an increase in earthquakes and natural disasters, causing destruction and loss of life.

The appearance of false prophets

False claimants to prophethood will emerge, leading people astray with their false teachings. One cannot become Muslim if he/she doesn’t believe Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the last prophet Learn the significance of believing Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the last prophet in Online Quran Classes.

Spread of usury and economic imbalance

Interest-based transactions and economic exploitation will become widespread, leading to social and economic disparities.

Increase in conflicts and wars

There will be an escalation of conflicts and wars, with widespread violence and bloodshed.

Abundance of wealth

Despite economic disparities, there will be an abundance of wealth and material possessions, leading to arrogance and greed.

Major signs

In Islamic eschatology, the major signs are a series of events that are believed to occur closer to the Day of Judgment. Learn Quran and its major signs and meanings in Online Quran classes for kids and adults. The exact sequence and interpretation of these signs may vary among scholars, here are some commonly mentioned major signs:

Coming of the false messiah (Dajjal)

The Dajjal is a figure who will claim to be a messiah or a god-sent prophet, but he will actually be a deceiver. He will possess great powers and will deceive many people with his miracles and false claims.

Descent of Jesus (Isa) son of Mary

It is believed that Jesus, who is highly revered in Islam, will return to Earth before the Day of Judgment. He will descend in Damascus, Syria, and will lead the righteous in a final battle against the forces of evil.

Emergence of Ya'juj and Ma'juj (Gog and Magog)

Ya'juj and Ma'juj are tribes or nations mentioned in Islamic tradition. They are believed to be locked behind a barrier, but towards the end of time, they will break through and cause great chaos and destruction on Earth.

Rising of the sun from the west

One of the major signs is the reversal of the sun's direction, where it will rise from the west instead of the east. This event will mark the closure of the door of repentance, and faith will no longer be accepted by anyone.


Smoke or haze will cover the Earth, which will be a clear sign of the approaching Day of Judgment.

Three landslides

These are massive land upheavals that will occur in the east, the west, and the Arabian Peninsula, resulting in widespread destruction and loss of life.

Fire from Yemen

A fire will erupt from Yemen and drive people to their place of gathering for the final judgment.

The blowing of the Trumpet

There will be two major blowings of the trumpet, known as As-Sa'iqah, which will cause all life on Earth to perish. Then, after a period of time, the second blowing will bring all creation back to life for the Day of Judgment.


The Day of Judgment is a significant belief in Islam, representing a time when all human beings will be resurrected and held accountable for their actions. Preceding this day, there are minor signs that indicate the approach of the major signs, which are believed to occur closer to the Day of Judgment. The minor signs include the spread of corruption, increase in earthquakes, deterioration of family ties, emergence of false prophets, and other societal and natural phenomena.

The major signs include the coming of the false messiah (Dajjal), the descent of Jesus (Isa) son of Mary, the emergence of Ya'juj and Ma'juj, the reversal of the sun's direction, the smoke, the Beast of the Earth, and other momentous events. Online Quran Classes for kids and adults provide the best Online Quran teacher oneself that way we can learn Islam more efficiently.


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