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Deepam Scheme - A Smoke-free Ananthapur By TDP Government

Deepam Scheme - A Smoke-free Ananthapur By TDP Government

Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu kickstarted the scheme at a function in Uppal Kalan megacity on the Hyderabad outskirts at the weekend, by formally releasing the thawed petroleum gas cylinders to some women heirs. The scheme was also launched contemporaneously in all the external municipalities in the state contemporaneously.


 The main opposition party the Congress still contended that the launching of the scheme in the civic areas was intended to bait choosers in view of the choices to the cosmopolises and external pots slated for March 2000. The ruling Telugu Desam Party has disproved the Congress charge and to know about this visit the Latest TDP News.


 The cuisine gas force scheme for the poor, known as 'Deepam', was confined to the pastoral areas till now. The state government was to release one million cooking gas connections to the pastoral women. The scheme has been extended to the civic areas with the permission of 500,000 LPG connections by the Indian government. Later this as being acclaimed as some of the greatest TDP  Achievements and the best of TDP Contributions.


 Under this scheme, the state government pays a security deposit of Rs 1,000 per connection to the oil painting company. The devisee has to buy the LPG cookstove and the gas cylinder on her own.


 N Chandrababu Naidu had requested Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Ram Naik to release 500,000 LPG connections under the scheme for the poor women living in the civic areas. The Union minister instantly obliged and instructed the officers to release the connections subject to the rendition of the kerosene share of five liters per LPG.


 The state press, which met in Hyderabad at the weekend, approved the cuisine gas scheme for the civic poor and sanctioned Rs 500 million for the release of 500,000 connections from February 5 onwards. The press has also laid down the criteria for choosing the heirs under the scheme from among the members of providence and credit societies, tone-help groups, and the growth of Women and Children in Citified Areas groups.


 Revenue Minister P Ashok Gajapathi Raju told journalists that out of the one million cooking gas connections sanctioned for poor women in pastoral areas last time, as numerous as 580,000 connections were released so far. The release of the unfinished tie-in was being effected in a time-bound manner. The government has sanctioned Rs 1 billion for the cuisine gas scheme for the pastoral areas.


 He said that the proportions have been allocated for different external municipalities, grounded on the population as per the 1991 tale. In the binary metropolises of Hyderabad- Secunderabad (comprising the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad), as numerous as, 763 LPG connections will be released.


 The Telugu Desam Party government under the leadership of Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu and some of the TDP Leaders and MLA TDP Candidates had launched the Deepam scheme for pastoral areas on the dusk of the general choices to the state assembly and the Lok Sabha last time. Following complaints by Congress, the Election Commission kept the perpetration of the scheme in latency till the choices were over.


 Now, again, on the dusk of the external pates slated for March 2000, the TDP government has launched the scheme in the civic areas, supposedly with an eye on the civic choosers.


 Still, Civil inventories Minister N Janardhan Reddy contends that the ruling party had promised before the last general choices that the scheme would be extended to the civic areas. Hence, the launching of the scheme now couldn't be linked with the communal pates, he claimed.

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