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Posted 12/08/2022 by Envy Smile Dental Spa

Dental Bridges in Brooklyn

Dental Bridges in Brooklyn

Your dental bridge cost is always much less than the wear and tear empty spaces have on your facial structure and your oral health. And when you consider a dental bridge vs. implant, your cosmetic dentist guides you through the entire process. If you practice exceptional oral health care at home and maintain regular dental visits to your Envy Smile Dental Spa, you can extend how long a dental bridge lasts.

A beautiful smile is in your future when you come to Envy Smile Dental Spa. Whether you need restorative treatment or cosmetic dental work, their dentists offer the quality dental care you need. This all-inclusive, one-stop dental spa in Brooklyn boasts a comfortable environment, affordable treatment options, and a cosmetic dentist who can do it all.

The staff at Envy Smile Dental Spa knows how valuable your smile is and how to protect and preserve it for your whole life. When it comes to getting much-needed services, such as a bridge to fill in spaces where you’ve lost teeth, you need to rely on an experienced team in general dentistry, dental surgery, and cosmetic dentistry, so that your health and appearance are equally valued.

Choosing a Dental Bridge
A dental bridge is a small appliance that consists of two or more false teeth that fit in spaces created by your missing teeth. A fixed dental bridge is a great solution that has been used for many years successfully. However, it does have one big disadvantage as cutting down the adjacent teeth can compromise their integrity in the longer term. When these teeth are reshaped, they are more prone to becoming decayed or developing root canal problems, and especially as the crowns covering them age and may gradually begin to leak, letting in harmful bacteria found in dental plaque.

Usually, a dental bridge will need replacing every ten years, although, with proper after-care, some bridges may last longer. Even though a fixed bridge may need replacing quite often, it can still be a good solution for some people. For example, if those abutment teeth are already decayed and have lost some of their original structure, covering them with dental crowns could help to protect and preserve them.

Call Envy Smile Dental Spa today to schedule an appointment for you or a family member by the number (718) 891-0606 and see what a beautiful, health smile can make. 

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