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Posted 12/09/2022 by LuxDen Dental Center

Dental Crowns in Brooklyn, NY

Dental Crowns in Brooklyn, NY

What Is a Dental Crown?
Dental crowns (dental cap) enhance the strength and durability of your teeth with positioned prosthetics. Crowns give teeth a smoother look. They are used for a number of different cases. You can place them over a cracked tooth. If you have an old filling that needs replacing, a crown can help. If you have severe tooth decay, you can fix it with a crown. We custom-make all crowns. They come in a multitude of different materials. The materials used depend on your specific case. Your new teeth are matched to the color of your own teeth. This way, you create a uniform appearance.

A dental examination can help us to determine if you need a crown. We examine your teeth and gums in our dental office. This helps us determine if you’re a viable candidate for this procedure.

We Design the Finest Quality Porcelain Crowns For You
A tooth crown covers up a damaged tooth. This option can help if the original structure of the tooth has been lost. Tooth crowns are used to cosmetically improve the appearance of a tooth. Your new teeth create a perfect smile.

Every crown is made here at the LuxDen Dental Center. Crowns are designed to replicate the size and shape of a natural tooth. We only use the finest quality porcelains. High-quality porcelain mimics the translucency and liveliness of a real tooth.

Dental crowns restore structure and strength. You will be able to smile with complete confidence. You can bite and chew without fear of your tooth crumbling or cracking.

When Would I Need a Dental Crown?
Dr. Umanoff and our team of dentists at the LuxDen Dental Center help you decide when you need a crown. This option may be recommended if you have a tooth that has a large filling. If your tooth has significant tooth decay, you may benefit from a crown. It can help if your tooth has become weakened due to a loss of structure. If you left a decaying tooth with just a filling, there is a real risk that the tooth could crack or fracture when you bite or chew food.

Contact LuxDen Dental Center today to receive more information or to schedule an appointment by calling our office number (718) 382-3444.

Read more: https://luxden.com/crowns/

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