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Detailed Guide To Add Guaranteed Safe Checkout on Shopify

Do you have an online business store? Do you want to attract many customers to your store? If yes, you should be focused to deliver the best safety to your customers using the guaranteed safe checkout.

Your online customers cannot touch or feel the products. The customers can neither meet the employees physically nor have a physical visiting location. Thus, the only thing that can impress them is uncompromised safety and security.

Unfortunately, with the growing instances of online frauds, it has become difficult to ensure complete safety for online customers. However, online stores can rely on trust badges to offer enough protection against possible online frauds.

According to market experts, nearly half the customers abandoned online stores which they feel are unsafe and cannot be trusted. Thus, online business stores need to have guaranteed safe checkout to win customers’ trust and loyalty.

What Are Trust Badges On Shopify?

Trust badges are simply the images, icons, or logos that are placed on the Shopify online store to boost the trust of the customers and visitors. The best place to use a trust badge is at the checkout process so that the customers complete the purchase without any insecurity.

The trust badges are the trusted symbol to highlight the customer-friendly and advanced security features of the online store. These are the quickest ways to increase the sales and conversion rates for any business. Thus, if your online store lacks the trust badges, it may become a concern for the customers.

Understanding Guaranteed Safe Checkout On Shopify

trust badges

guaranteed safe checkout badge is an indication that the checkout process of the online store can be thoroughly trusted. It gives assurance to the customers that all sensitive and personal information will be best protected during the checkout process.

Another important benefit of having guaranteed safe checkout is to ensure the customers that the site is protected under several regulations. This is one of the most trusted badges that your business website can have to win over customers.

This is one of the few trust badges that helps to double the sales and conversion rates of the online business. The customers feel a lot better and more secure after witnessing different security badges on your site. 

It is a trusted symbol to help customers enter their sensitive information with all the required safety.

Simple Steps To Add Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Guaranteed Safe checkout

As already mentioned, with a guaranteed safe checkout badge, your customers can feel safe during the checkout process. If you are planning to have a secure checkout with the badge, fortunately, Shopify development service makes it really simple.

You can use the following steps:

  • Start by login into your account.
  • After successfully login, visit the setting page.
  • Now, click on the ‘Checkout’ tab.
  • Under the checkout tab, you can see the guaranteed safe checkout option.
  • As soon as you see the option, simply click on the box next to it.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Save’ button to confirm the changes.

That’s it. It is this simple to add the required guaranteed safe checkout as a trusted symbol for your business website. As your customers experience the safe checkout badge, it will enhance their trust on your site to boost sales and ROI.

How Can You Add Guaranteed Safe Checkout?

Besides following the above steps, there are mainly 2 ways to add the guaranteed safe checkout on Shopify online store, which are:


This is a complicated one as there can be people who want to manually ensure secure checkout for online customers. You can manually add the required trust badge to your business website by simply editing the page from the theme editor. Along with this, you should have photoshop skills to manually create a badge.

After the editing, you can add the required badge in the form of an image. Make sure that the image has a transparent background to easily integrate with your website.

<a href="https://www.shopify.com/security/pci-compliant?utm_medium=shop&utm_source=secure" title="This online store is secured by Shopify" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" > <img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/images/badges/shopify-secure-badge-white.svg" alt="Shopify secure badge" > </a>

Now, to add the image, use the following steps:

  • Visit the Shopify account and go to assets.
  • Under the assets section, click on the ‘add a new asset’ option.
  • Now, copy the URL of the new image.
  • Pass the URL code to the URL part.
  • Finally, click on the save button.

Using Apps:

If you don’t want to manually add the secure checkout badge for the customers, you can do the same using apps. There are many apps on Shopify that can be freely installed to ensure better security for customers.

These apps do not demand any coding knowledge and are easy to use. Using these apps, you can add the required trust badges anywhere on the site without any hassles. 

Moreover, these apps support the required customizations to be the most compatible ones for your website. As a result, even non-tech-savvy professionals can use the apps to offer enough safety to their customers.

Final Thoughts

Trust badges are one of the most essential requirements for any online Shopify store. These badges, icons, symbols, and logos are strong enough to instill loyalty, trust, and confidence in the customers.

As online businesses don’t enjoy the advantages of having a physical store, they can be a reliable name using the guaranteed safe checkout. By driving more sales and engagement, these badges can impact your business’s online presence positively.

If you still need any other information about having a secure checkout for your online Shopify business, you can connect with us in the comment section.

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