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Difference between Seller Central and Vendor Central

Difference between Seller Central and Vendor Central

If you want to set up a business online and use Amazon as your platform, you have two options. Both Seller Central and Vendor Central allow you to sell products online, but there are differences between these two interfaces.

The seller central amazon allows business owners to sell their products directly to Amazon customers, acting as third-party vendors. This is known as Fulfilment by Vendor (often abbreviated to FBV). Packaging and shipping are the merchant’s responsibility under this option. On the other hand, Amazon Vendor Central allows businesses to supply their products in bulk to Amazon and act as first-party suppliers. Under this scheme, there is no interaction between sellers and buyers, but the merchant lets Amazon handle the order by enrolling in the Fulfilled by Amazon program (often abbreviated to FBA). Under this program, vendors send their products to an Amazon warehouse, where it is stored until an order is placed. Warehouse staff then package and ship orders to customers.

Amazon Vendor Central is an invite-only program, whereas anyone can use amazon seller cental. Sellers who consistently deliver a strong performance under the Seller Central platform may receive an invitation to join Vendor Central.

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