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Different parts of chicken for delicious recipes!

Chicken is one of the most popular choices for cooking world-famous delicacies. Yes! It is a versatile food item that comes with lots of health benefits. You can prepare the whole bird or chicken parts in various flavours; it does not take much time to cook but will keep you licking your fingers. 


Besides, the taste enhances with the quality of the chicken, and that's where the leading poultry farms play a pivotal role. These eminent meat suppliers in Singapore rear their chickens in a natural and healthy environment without using antibiotics or artificial hormones. The birds are fed on pure strains of lactobacillus, thus ensuring fresh, tasty and healthy meat. 


Chicken Cuts: Ultimate guide for best recipes! 

Do you know different chicken parts offer distinct flavours and textures to your taste buds? Here is how you can get the best out of different cuts of chicken:

  • Breast: Popular amongst bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, this portion of the chicken is most healthy and packed with protein. You can pan-sear it, stuff or cut it into pieces for soups and stir-fries and enjoy it with side dishes.
  • Legs: Considered a dark meat portion, the chicken leg is much more flavourful, juicy and tender than the breasts. Prepare a marinade with special seasonings and roast or fry until crisp to enjoy a better taste
  • Wings: A vital ingredient in most lip-smacking roasted, grilled or barbecued chicken recipes, the wings is the cheapest of all the other portions of chicken. They contain similar fat content to that of thighs and drumsticks. Soak the wings in the spicy marinade overnight to enjoy the bursting of flavours inside your mouth.


Want to buy fresh chicken without stepping out? Worry not! The renowned chicken suppliers in Singapore provide doorstep delivery of their products. Visit their website and order chicken parts at a reasonable price!

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