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Empowerment of Women In the Field of APSRTC

Empowerment of Women In the Field of APSRTC

Nara Chandrababu Naidu is considered one of the greatest chief ministers in Andhra Pradesh as well as India too, not only because of the Greatest achievements done by his government in the span of 9 years but also did many of the contributions to the state even when he was not the chief minister. He is the man behind every greatest TDP contribution done in the span of his period as The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.


He was the reason behind many of the successful works done in Andhra Pradesh. He is the one who started many of the greatest works that have put Andhra Pradesh on the world map. He made his mark in the state by becoming The Chief Minister two times straight. Visit the official website for a more detailed view of the astonishing works done by him as The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and for all of the Vizianagaram TDP Latest news.


 According to the government's directives, the Corporation has been implementing the 33.33% vacancy reservation for women since 1996. Despite sending out special recruiting notices, we could not fill the Driver category with female candidates. As a result, it is suggested that if women candidates are not available for the Driver job, males of the same caste replace the female Driver category openings rather than dragging forward these backlog postings for years at a time. The board gave its consent, and the board resolutions were conveyed to the TR&B Department to let them know.


SC/ST Grievance cell: The Corporation has established Grievance Committees to address the issues and concerns of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe workers. The responsibility of investigating the grievances/issues of SC/ST workers has been delegated to the CPM at the Corporate Office and the Personnel Officers at the Regional level in their respective jurisdictions. Any complaints will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities for resolution in the order of priority. Following the agenda from the Association, periodic meetings will be held.


BC’s Grievance cell:- The Grievance Committees were established to address the complaints and issues of Backward Classes personnel working for the Corporation. To look into the complaints/issues of BC workers in their separate jurisdictions, the CPM at the Corporate Office and the Personnel Officer at the Regional level have been assigned. Any complaints will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities for resolution.


HOW THE TDP GOVERNMENT HELPED IN Empowerment of Women In the Field of APSRTC


       The Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly unanimously passed a resolution requesting the Centre to enact the Women’s Reservation Bill providing for 33 percent reservation for women in Parliament and state legislatures under TDP government.

     Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu who is then The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh made a special statement in the House on the occasion of International Women’s Day and proposed the resolution.

     Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu further added that his regime had successfully implemented and 33 percent reservation for the women in education and employment sectors, besides providing jobs in APSRTC as conductors are done in the state of Andhra Pradesh under TDP Governance led by Nara Chandrababu Naidu.


When meetings of the government's SC, ST, and BC committees are held and concerns are addressed, the section also provides information about those committees. Legal Information Act: In order to comply with the RTI Act of 2005, this Office coordinates with the Corporation's divisions and submits quarterly and annual reports to the government in the specified format on the resolution of RTI Act applications and appeals. The section also addresses petitions related to the RTI Act's Recruitment & Training provision.

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