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In front of the palace, Wu Xuansu got off his horse first and trotted two steps to hold the horse for Jun Shaolang. If in peacetime, Jun Shaolang must have a commendation, but he was upset today, dismounted with the dismount stone, threw the whip to the bodyguard behind him, and stepped to the door of the mansion. Just as he stepped up the stone steps, he saw Vientiane, who had been his personal Chamberlain and had now been promoted to the head of the palace, trotting all the way over. He stopped and frowned and said, "What's the matter?" "I've seen Wang Ye." Vientiane saluted first, then approached Jun Shaolang and whispered, "Wang Ye, Lord Jiang Xianchang, the minister of Guanglu Temple, and Lord Shen Xingshen,small gold wash plant, the governor of Tanzhou, have been waiting for you in the mansion for more than two hours." "Oh." Jun Shaolang raised his eyebrows slightly. "What are they doing here?". "Go and tell Wang Ye I'm not feeling well and tell them to come back another day." "Ah.." Yes Vientiane was in a daze before he turned around and went in. Before he could take two steps, he was stopped by Jun Shaolang. "Forget it," he said. "The king is going to take a look and see what these two adults are doing." "I have seen Wang Ye." "I have seen Wang Ye at the end." Jiang Xianchang and Shen Xing were already impatient to wait in the flower hall of the palace. When they saw Jun Shaolang coming in, both of them breathed a sigh of relief and even came forward to salute. No need. Jun Shaolang did not look up at them, but waved his hand at random and went straight to the upper seat to sit down. Immediately,Portable gold trommel, there was an endless stream of maids bringing up things like towels, ice cubes and fruits. It was so lively that Jiang Xianchang wanted to talk several times, but he couldn't get a word in. He could only stand there awkwardly. After a while, it was not easy to stop a little. Jun Shaolang seemed to remember that there were still two people in the hall. He looked up lazily and said, "The two adults are noble people. They have come to visit the Three Treasures Palace for nothing.". What's the matter with the king? Just say it. The king has something to do. "Yes." Jiang Xianchang hurriedly laughed and said, "Wang Yeh is really a quick talker.". Lord Shen offended Wang Yeh on impulse in Zhengshitang today. Later, he went back to the inn, thinking that something was wrong, and he was embarrassed to come to Wang Yeh's house alone to make amends, so he pulled Xiaoguan to see Wang Yeh. "I hope Wang Ye will reward Xiaoguan with a thin face and spare Lord Shen." "Lord Wang Ye, please." Shen Xing also bowed. Apologize Jun Shaolang picked up an ice grape and threw it into his mouth. He frowned and said, "You two adults didn't go to the wrong palace. This is Jiangwangfu, magnetic separator machine ,tin beneficiation plant, not Yingwangfu." "Look at what Wang Ye said.". Although Xiaoguan is not talented, although Lord Shen is a little confused, but which palace is naturally clear, naturally to apologize to your second Highness, Jiang Wang Ye. Jiang Xian often said. How interesting Jun Shaolang made a ha-ha and said, "That's strange. This afternoon, it seems that it wasn't Ben Wang who made trouble with Lord Shen.". And the king didn't even say a word to Lord Shen today. How could Lord Shen offend the king. Ben Wang is really curious. "Oh, Wang Ye knows it in his heart, so don't embarrass Lord Shen." Smiling, Chiang Hsien-chang took something out of his sleeve and said, "This is a gift to apologize to Wang Yeh. Look at it, Wang Yeh. It's to your liking." "No merit, no reward. Lord Shen has not offended the king. As for this gift, the king cannot accept it." Jun Shaolang felt a little strange in his heart, but he still pretended to be indifferent. Wang Ye, don't refuse. Let's see. Chiang Hsien-chang simply stepped forward and put the thing into Jun Shaolang's hand. "If you don't like it," he said with a smile, "whether you throw it away or burn it, it's up to you. But Xiaguan felt that Wang Ye would like it. "You're a little curious to say that, but it was agreed in advance that if the king didn't like it, he would burn it.". Lord Jiang, you won't be distressed. Jun Shaolang noticed an unusual meaning, and instead of refusing, he weighed the package with his hand and said with a slight joke. Of course not, but Wang Yeh would like to see it first. Jiang Xian often said. All right, Ben Wang will come and have a look. When he opened the parcel, Jun Shaolang was still a little indifferent. When he saw clearly the words written on the object inside, his face immediately became solemn. His eyes shot out of Limang. He looked around and coldly ordered the maid who served him: "You all go down. No one can come in without the king's orders." "Yes." Stand down, everyone. Looking at Jun Shaolang's mood, Jiang Xianchang smiled with pride and said, "Wang Ye is satisfied with this gift." Jun Shaolang quickly calmed down and looked at Jiang Xianchang alertly. "This gift is good, but I'm afraid the king can't stand it." "Wang Yeh is a nobleman of Heaven. There is no reason why he can't stand it." Jiang Xian often laughed. What do you want? Jun Shaolang did not talk nonsense with him and asked directly. Wang Ye is straightforward. Chiang Hsien-chang raised his thumb and said, "To tell you the truth, all the people who have signed this fold feel that although the rent can be changed, it's not good to be too hasty.". Governing a big country is like cooking a small fish, don't you think? "But it was the mother's decision." Jun Shaolang hesitated. Wang Ye is so clever that he doesn't know that governing a big country is like cooking a small fish. Jiang Xian often said. Jun Shaolang thought about it for a while and said, "The king has to think about it again. Take it back first." "No,gold heap leaching, Wang Ye will think about it slowly. XiaGuan and Lord Shen will retire first." Jiang Xianchang arched his hand and retreated with Shen Xing. Only Jun Shaolang was left staring at the object in a trance. The object was actually a memorial to the throne, on which thirteen words were written neatly in regular script, "Please ask the second son of the emperor to write Shaolang as the crown prince.". ore-magnetic-mining.com

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