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Posted 02/10/2023

Essential Information To Know More About PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Essential Information To Know More About PRP Hair Loss Treatment

You should not start hair loss treatment if you are not aware of the root cause.  If you are facing hair loss, you need to see a trained and experienced hair doctor in Indore. Your doctor will check your scalp and hair to find the exact reason for your hair loss. 

If you visit an authentic clinic for hair loss treatment, your doctor will treat you with effective treatments to get the best results. In this blog, we are going to talk about PRP hair loss treatment. This treatment is an effective and beneficial procedure for hair loss. 

PRP therapy overview 

PRP means platelet rich plasma. Platelet rich plasma has growth factors that promote hair growth in the scalp of the patient. Interestingly, hair loss doctors obtain PRP or platelet rich plasma from your own blood. It means platelet rich plasma is a part of your blood that heals your hair and other parts of body as well. 

How the procedure of PRP is done?

When a patient visits the clinic for treatment, the expert is likely to draw some drops of blood from his arm. After this initial step, the expert is supposed to place the blood sample into a centrifuge machine. This machine will spin the blood sample quickly to separate it into three layers called platelet rich plasma, platelet poor plasma and red blood cells. The expert uses only platelet rich plasma since it is the main component he wants to treat the patient’s hair and scalp. 

Who is a suitable candidate for PRP?

PRP is beneficial for both men and women. If you are facing temporary hair loss due to stress, seasonal effects, poor diet, or other reasons, you may visit a reliable PRP hair loss treatment in Indore center for better treatment with PRP. 

If you are facing male pattern baldness, you can visit a PRP center to see positive results. However, PRP shows limited results for a totally bald scalp. Thus, it is better for you to respond at the correct time. 

The range of age for PRP treatment is usually 18 to 70. PRP is an easy treatment and you do not have to think much about the age before the treatment. 

You are an ideal candidate if you do not smoke or drink since these habits are not good signs for the treatment. If you have nicotine or alcohol, you have to stay away from these habits during and even after the treatment for a certain time. 

Make sure you have perfect health to have good results after the treatment. 

Your expert will check the platelet count with the help of a blood test. You will successfully have the treatment if the platelet count is at the optimum level. 

Final words 

PRP is a simple and effective treatment for hair loss. If you are interested in PRP treatment in Indore, you have to look for a reliable center and you have to consider your candidacy as well. Results will be more favorable if you respond instantly after witnessing the signs of hair loss.

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