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Posted 03/29/2023 by xyz

Expansion and Modernization of Irrigation in AP under N. Chandrababu Naidu Leadership

Expansion and Modernization of Irrigation in AP under N. Chandrababu Naidu Leadership

TDP policies under the governance of N. Chandrababu Naidu between the years 1994-2003 led to a significant expansion and modernization of irrigation in Andhra Pradesh. During this time, 10 lakh acres of irrigation were stabilized, and 18 lakh acres of gap irrigation were achieved. However, the total cultivable land in the state is 392.7 lakh acres, out of which only 133.64 lakh acres are under colourful water sources. Andhra Pradesh receives 2764 TMCs of water from various sources like Godavari, Krishna, Penna, and Vamsadhara, with an additional 960 TMCs of water expected to be utilized in 292 systems under construction. To utilize their share in the swash waters, Andhra Pradesh is seeking inter-state agreements regarding Ichampalli, Polavaram, Ellampalli, Lendi Pen Ganga, and Janjhavati Munnu systems.

One of the projects undertaken by Nara Chandrababu Naidu during this time was the modernization of the K.C. canal through the Japan Bank for International Operation (JBIP) scheme. The project was estimated to cost Rs. 1033.70 crores, with Rs.555 crores allocated to KBIC. As of March 2003, Rs. 403.44 crores had been spent, and an additional Rs. 216.56 crores were allocated in the budget for 2003-04 to complete the remaining work. This project aimed to irrigate the drought-prone districts of Kurnool and Kadapa. This is said to be the major achievement of TDP in the Irrigation sector

The Sri Ramsagar Project was also undertaken in two phases, with the first phase aiming to irrigate 9,68,632 acres through the construction of the Krakatoa canal, Sara Swati canal, and Lakshmi canal. Under the AP3 scheme, work was in progress to stabilize 5,17,000 acres at an expenditure of Rs. 930.20 crores until March 2003. The estimate for the project was Rs. 2562.74 crores.

The Srisailam right bank canal project aimed to provide irrigation to 1,90,000 acres in drought-prone areas like Nandyala, Banaganapalli, and Koilakuntla areas of Kurnool district and Jammalamadugu of Kadapa district. While only 37% of the work was completed by the deadline of June 1994, the present government resumed the work with the help of Rita below -3. The cost of the project was estimated at Rs. 932.20 crores, with expenditure reaching Rs. 745.86 crores by March 2003. In 2003-04, Rs. 139.18 crores were allocated to irrigate 60,000 acres. Get more info on TDP schemes and developments of TDP by visiting the TDPs official website.

Assistance from NABARD was also sought for the creation of 397 schemes, including 17 lakh medium, 202 small, and 136 uplift schemes, at the cost of Rs. 1473 crores to irrigate 9,74,110 acres. Completion of 10 major, 28 medium, 117 minor, and 67 uplift schemes has already irrigated 5,60,535 acres, with Rs. 1109 crores spent until December 2002. Get updated on Flash news and live updates of your district by visiting the TDPs official website.

Various financial institutions, such as the World Bank, JBIC, BP, and Irrigation Bonds, have been providing financial assistance to ongoing irrigation projects. The construction of flood tide drainage conduit systems from Srisailam Right Branch Canal, Sriramsagar 1st Phase, 2nd Phase, Telugu Ganga Project, Eliminatei Madhavareddy Canal, Priyadarshini J

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