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Posted 12/26/2022 by Marmm Klinik

Facts About Hair Loss And Hair Loss Treatments

Facts About Hair Loss And Hair Loss Treatments

It is a very odd feeling when you suddenly start to observe a lot of hair on your comb. Actually, this initial symptom may indicate the occurrence of hair loss. Hair loss is an interesting disease. It removes hair follicles from the scalp without causing any pain or discomfort. If the nature of this disease is genetic, experts recommend the best hair transplant in Indore for its treatment. 

Many hair loss patients are not aware of hair loss and its treatments. Therefore, they waste a lot of time before they finally come to a hair loss clinic. In fact, prior information about hair loss and treatment will save you from unnecessary delays. 

In this blog, we will tell you some common facts about hair loss and hair transplant surgery. 

Have a look! 

Hair loss can be genetic:

Hair loss may occur due to genetic influence and hormonal disturbance. This health is called male pattern baldness or permanent baldness. This is a hereditary disease. It means the next generations are supposed to face similar symptoms if you are experiencing genetic hair loss... 

If you observe a gradually receding hairline, this is a common sign of male pattern baldness. This condition is not treatable with the help of medicines or non-surgical treatment. Only a hair transplant is a suitable treatment for permanent hair loss or pattern baldness. 

Hair loss may indicate medical conditions:

Hair loss may take place due to several health issues. For example, Thyroid disorders may disturb the hair growth cycle. Moreover, health issues like anemia may lead to hair loss as well. Women usually face hair loss due to pregnancy and menopause. Physical and mental stress is also responsible for hair loss. These conditions cause temporary hair loss. 

Some hairs are baldness-resistant:

Pattern hair loss or permanent baldness does not kill the hairs of the entire scalp. A thin layer of the hair remains in the back and sides at the peak level of baldness. These hairs do not fall due to baldness since they have a natural resistance to male pattern baldness. 

Hair transplant surgeon needs your own hair:

The best hair transplant surgeon in Indore use baldness-resistant hairs for hair transplant surgery. They will remove healthy hairs from the back and sides and transplant these hairs into the bald scalp. We have mentioned above that these hairs are baldness resistant. Therefore, they grow in the transplanted areas permanently. 

Hair transplant surgeons provide permanent and natural results:

Baldness resistant hair will grow in new areas with full thickness and strength. Therefore, the results after the surgery are permanent. However, a natural look is also a vital factor in the success of the surgery. Surgery is just a waste of time if your scalp does not get natural results. 

Hair transplant needs your candidacy:

Your surgeon has to ponder several issues when you visit the clinic for treatment. The surgeon will check your scalp to determine the type of hair loss. Moreover, he will consider your age, condition of the scalp, health condition, and medications before the surgery. 

Hair transplant cost in Indore is also a vital factor in the hair loss treatment process. Generally, a hair loss surgeon considers the condition of your scalp, the number of transplanted hairs, and the hair transplant technique before determining the final cost.

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